No more Marshall Field’s?

Roger Ebert has learned that there’s a possibility that Marshall Field’s will be bought out and turned into a Macy’s, and he’s spitting mad about it. I wish somebody in Sydney had organized a similar protest last year when Grace Brothers turned into Myer. Grace Brothers had a history in this town, and I don’t care how much Coles Myer saved on advertising costs by rebranding. You shouldn’t mess with local history.


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  1. ah, chicagoans. they have their opinions.

    as someone who works about once a week under that clock they refer to, i can officially tell you that people’s minds would be blown if that place shut down/got bought out and changed.

    through one of the comedy theatres i work at (comedysportz), we do a newsies program where we dress up in mfields gear and hand out free stuff all the time – you know, a working actor kind of thing. it’d mean a big loss of money for us. suck. plus, it’s a hilarious gig.

    thirdly, did you know that marshall field is credited for the saying “the customer is always right”? interesting, no?

  2. Not to mention ‘give the lady what she wants.’ Smart man.

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