How Dirty Are You?

How Dirty Are You? (No, this has nothing to do with that vibrating “Eye Massager.”) I initially thought the link was a “answer-as-applies-to-you” type quiz, so I answered all the questions with regards to our house in hopes of getting some type of Dirtiness Quotient. But really, it’s just a quiz to see how much you know about germs. It cracked me up when the results came back and each one was like, “WRONG!” Because seriously, we’re filthy. The only ones we “got right” were closing the lid when you flush (mostly just because we got in the habit of keeping it closed when we got the cat), and not using the dish scrubber to wipe down the counters (because the Snook gets grossed out by it). Our mattress probably weighs five times what it did when we got it. But hey, aren’t we doing the rest of you a favor? We’re getting exposed to all the superbugs and helping build up the gene pool’s immunity. It’s the neat freaks with Lysol fixations that are the real worry for humanity. (Link courtesy of Ron, the dirty toilet sprayer.)


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  1. There are some odd assumptions in that quiz. I don’t use the word “dishrag” for something used for handling meat or vegatables, and “How often should the vacuum cleaner bag be changed” is a pretty lame question in the year 2005! I haven’t had a vacuum cleaner with a bag that could be cleaned for almost twenty years – in 1986 my Electrolux used single-use paper bags, and now I have a (bagless) Dyson.

  2. My vacuum has a bag! And it works pretty darn well. I have hardwood floors so I don’t really need to change the bag as much as the quiz says. Kris- I got in the habit of putting the toilet lid down when I got cats too…but that got be thinking about public bathrooms that don’t usually don’t have lids on the…ewww!

  3. Kris, I’m with you on the keeping up the gene pool’s immunity (says the one who is finally getting over the flu).

    But really, most of us do things the “wrong” way; that’s why we have immune systems. I think that a little dirt is probably better than the exposure to all the chemicals it would take to do everything as instructed by that quiz.

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