Virgin Risotto

The Snook is the resident Italian cooking expert, but since I have Fridays off and he doesn’t, I figured it was my turn to treat him to a nice dinner of risotto. So I found a recipe for Asparagus Risotto and headed to the shops. I decided to add a bit of protein with chicken breast but otherwise I pretty much stuck to the recipe as written. The Snook was dubious about the addition of cream and rosemary but he became a convert in the end. It was delicious. I was worried that I’d added too much broth and it was too soupy, but ultimately it glommed together just right into the perfect melange of blessed, blessed carbs. Yum. Highly recommended.


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  1. Mmmmm….I think it sounds really good. I think I may try that out on the hubby this weekend. Any tips or advice from someone who already made it?

  2. Just follow the recipe! The only thing I would do differently is – as the Snook suggested – have the chicken brother in a saucepan next to the risotto so you can just ladle a bit in at a time. I made mine up in a measuring cup and, even though I halved the receipe, two cups just weren’t enough and I had to scramble to make more.

  3. Hahaha. Brother = broth.

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