Trogdor the Sock Destroyer

The sight of my own dear husband darning his socks this morning prompted me to take action… by asking MetaFilter for advice. Are there any socks he can’t put a hole in?


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  1. An old friend of mine whose husband has an aversion to toenail-cutting recommends “Indestructible” socks. Admittedly that’s a brand name rather than a description, but might it be worth following up?

  2. How long does it take for him to put holes in them? I just make sure to sneak into Clinton’s sock drawer and throw out the old ones and buy him new ones. I’m generally a really quite lovely laid back kind of girlfriend, but holes in socks squick me so terribly! I should also note that he does everything else himself, he cooks, cleans, washes his clothes, so I don’t feel too bad about being a combination of a control freak and a doting mother figure over this aspect of his life.

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