As I’m sure the other ND alumni did, I received in my inbox today an invitation to check out “Self,” I said, “I bet you dollars to donuts this is a treacly Flash movie set to a plinky-plonky piano that will make you feel all warm and nostalgic, only to leave you slightly cold with the plea for donations at the end.” I was not disappointed. That’s not to say it isn’t well done; ND’s marketing is always really spiffy and professional. It’s just that it’s become utterly predictable to me. (And I admit I snorted a little when I noticed that both pictures in the “dreams come true” frame are of minority students.)


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  1. LOL. So true, so true. One of the girls in one of the pics looked like my cousin. I’m not sure if it was her though. She would have graduated two years ago I think??

  2. I actually shed a tear of joy.

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