Craft Corner Death Match

This Craft Corner Death Match thing sounds pretty interesting. Does anybody know what channel it’s on? Not that I’m likely to get it here, but I may be able to talk Mom into taping it for me if it’s good. Or maybe I could just invite Amy and Helen over and we can recreate it at home!

You have three balls of Feathers, two bin liners, a Dremel, a dozen pipe cleaners, and an assortment of novelty hole punches. Today’s Challenge: create a poncho suitable for a dethroned craft queen’s re-emergence into polite society. GO!


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  1. the Style Network. My MIL is going to be taking for me. But I REFUSE to create a poncho, even for Martha!

  2. Winner: Helen, by default!

  3. yes, but I retain my self respect. (I’ll so kick her ass next time!)

  4. Oh my god! Let’s do it! I so wouldn’t win! I’d totally flake on the dremel!!

  5. You need to get yourself to Gloucester this weekend for the Gloucester Show speed knitting competition! I know you’d win that crown.

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