Tongue Piercing

Good grief. I just spent ten minutes trying to help some teenager pick out an appropriate sewing needle. She said she wanted really thick and preferably sharp. I figured she was doing some bookbinding or leatherwork. Finally she settled on a tapestry needle. “What are you using it for?” I asked. “My friend’s going to pierce her own tongue.” “GAHHHHHH,” I groaned. “Don’t use that one. It’s as blunt as a ball-point pen.” And then I mentally barfed. I cringed enough watching a professional pierce Adam on Mythbusters; I can’t imagine the idiot that would try to do it themself.


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  1. good lord! you can DIE from piercing your own tongue. If it gets infected and swells up I hope they know the way to the hospital…..

  2. I can just imagine her hitting some massive vein or something… *shudder*

  3. the blood wouldn’t be the big problem, the nerves running down the middle of the kids tongue could be permanently damaged. I’m cringing just thinking about it…

  4. Of course….having pierced my own nipple way back when I was a wee-lad….it was something else. But the tongue, that’s pretty ballsy.

  5. See, a nip doesn’t seem so bad. They’re not really, uh, “meaty” or anything. Tongue just seems so fleshy.

  6. UGH…this makes my skin crawl! Even the comments are making me want to look away…but I can’t. Surely this girl can scarpe up the dough to go to a pro piercer?

    Kris, what needle did you eventually recommend? Something small and slathered in novocainem I hope…

  7. Are you kidding? I disclaimed all legal responsibility and sent her down the street to the proper sewing store. 🙂

  8. Brilliant! I wonder if she told the sewing store what she was planning to do? I bet they were mildly shocked.

  9. Oh man, that really is a dangerous and complex piercing. PLEASE try to encourage the kid to go to a proper piercing shop if it ever happens again.

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