Okay, straight up y’all: Have any of you ever been to Weight Watchers? Stop giggling. I had a minor reality check last week when I stepped on the scales and confirmed that yes, I’ve gained back half the weight I lost during our Atkins phase. HALF. And the sad, sad truth of it is that I know exactly why: I don’t go to the gym anymore and I’ve been on a six month carb bender. The gym situation happened gradually; I started my new job and I was so tired from standing all day that I rarely went. Eventually my membership expired and I just kinda shrugged, “Whatev.” We’ve tried some various things – swimming in the morning, walking, etc. – but I’m just not a morning person. So I need to do something in the evenings, and I’m JUST NOT MOTIVATED. At all. And then the junk food situation… That’s all my fault. Well, and the Snook’s. We enable each other. We enjoy food too much. We’re irresponsible. We tried to go back on the low-carb… but pancakes. And fresh bread. We can’t push them away again. So what’s a girl to do? It turns out that there are several WW meetings in the city within thirty seconds’ walk of the shop, so I’m considering it. I just don’t know. Is it a scam? Will it be cheesy? Will it actually work?

Anyone? Bueller, Bueller…?


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  1. I haven’t personally tried Weight Watchers but I know 2 people who have. They’ve both been successful, and really like the program. I think it would be worth a try!

  2. I lost 30kg on WW last year, Kris (only about 20kg to go!). The program basically promotes a lifestyle change rather than a strict dieting regime. Rather than cutting out food groups or specific foods, you are allowed to eat pretty much anything that will fit into your daily ‘points’ allocation (though they do recommend you limit your sugar and alcohol points). The program is pretty much as simple as eating healthy foods and exercising – but if you need a kick start and ongoing motivation, it can be very beneficial (I find it is anyway).

    If you have more questions, ask away! I am a font of WW knowledge, teehee. :o) You may also want to check out the official website: http://www.weightwatchers.com.au (the forums are particularly helpful)

  3. Just realised you’ve already linked to the website, sorry!

  4. I know several people who swear by it. I say go for it! What can it hurt?

  5. You need to change your life style or no matter what diet you use the weight will come right back on when you stop. It is your frame of mind that you need to change. Once you change that the weight will follow. It is what you eat or do every day that makes you what you are. Not what you eat or do once in a while. Noone loves to eat or cook anymore that I do. I hate the word diet…it automatically makes me hungry. Just eat healthly. You will feel so much better. Try it…fresh everything. You can do anything you want to do if you want it bad enough. love ya

  6. I did WW back in HS but never really stuck with it. As for weight loss, I think it’s all about portion control, exercise, and drinking lots of water. With regards to exercise, I hate hate HATE it, but going to the gym before work has made a huge difference in my sticking to a program, alternating weights and cardio for four days and then taking a day off. Best of luck, woman!!

  7. I’ve tried WW a bunch of times, each time because I think that it’s a really good program. Bottom line to weight loss is eat less and exercise more, and the WW program provides good tools to help make sure that you’re doing that (no lying to oneself about how “healthy” the salad with cheese and ranch dressing and croutons is). And, I think that one of the parts that makes it most helpful for folks is the peer support. You get to hear on a weekly basis (and more if you buddy up) how people are being successful at the program.

    But, I could never stick with it for more than a few weeks, because I couldn’t kick the junk food and beer habit. One of these days…

  8. I’ve never heard a bad thing said about it, Kris, and I have a couple of friends (one male, one female) who’ve lost weight and kept it off (even through pregnancy–um, that would be the female) by doing the WW points thing.

  9. Kris, I lost 16Kg on WW about three years ago, and found it easy. I have since put a bit of that back on (well less than half), but it was as a result of reduced activity from a car accident injury and my own laziness, rather than any problem with the WW program. I kept the weight off for more than a year before putting any back on. I’m now a lifetime member and am seriosly considering going back to the meetings, as the supportive environment and feedback is a big plus to the program.

  10. I love Weight Watchers. I’ve done all the fad diets, the Jenny Craig, etc, and everything came right back. On WW I lost 22 pounds and have kept it (mostly) off. When pounds creep back on I go back on program for a couple of weeks. The ONLY program that’s ever worked for me, and the point system that worries some people is totally easy. Go for it.

  11. ooo- I have a few things on this topic. I really liked WW- especially the group of people who were at my meetings. I lost about 30 pounds on WW over 6 months. Some of the other comments talk about WW as a way to lose weight, and how it’s about portion control, exercise and water- and that is true. But it is all about making managable, permanent changes- of course, I gained 10 pounds back over the last 2 years. (I blame law school) But my eating habits are drastically different then before- for the better of course! 🙂 Of course, some people hated WW, because they hated counting points (I think the program has a modification now for that issue) or they didn’t feel it was flexible enough. Personally, I felt that the calorie intake was to low (I was kickboxing 4-5 times a week) and I had to tweak the carlorie intake to keep losing weight. So the program isn’t perfect, but it has lots of good information and structure. Good luck!

  12. I have been On weight Watchers twice now, and everytime i go on it something happens and i just can’t afford it, So I am going to be doing it on my own now, I was hoping that someone would be able to help me, i have lost the points list, i have everything else..But I don’t remember how many points i get and i don’t remember The flex point buisness 🙂 Please help me!

  13. Sorry Nicole, but as I’m the recorder for my local meeting now and I technically work for WW, I don’t think it would be kosher for me to be distributing their copyrighted materials…

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