Bad Week

What a bad day. Couple of days. People called in sick to work so I had to serve customers two days running, meaning I had no time to work on our website, meaning I’m even further behind on a project that was nearly impossible to begin with. I dreamed about work all last night, so mentally I just worked, like, a sixteen hour shift. My iMac is officially borked again, so I’ll be desktop-less for another week while it’s getting serviced. I had a stupid, pointless argument with the Snook this morning that left me on the verge of tears. My allergies are acting up. It’s raining and the Golf Umbrella People are out to get me. All I want to do is go home and eat deep-fried macaroni and cheese til I go into a food coma.

Does anybody have any surefire methods of cheering yourself up that don’t require eating lots of crap that’ll ruin my diet?


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  1. Oooh, hugs for Kris.
    Personally, I always write things out, it helps put it in perspective.
    But then, I always eat heaps as well.
    Ummm, knitting is good.
    I would advise against talking to Danny, that might make you worse.
    I really don’t have a surefire way. But I know ovaltine is really low points and tastes yummy. If you want something cheesy, try toasting a sandwich with ham and those fake cheese slices. You can’t taste the fakeness of them when you toast them and it ends up being low points, so you won’t ruin your diet.
    Talk to Becca if she is in today (big Becca, not me), she’s really good at cheering me up!
    Hope things get better,

  2. Grab a diet coke and some popcorn and watch a movie that you love, preferably something upbeat and silly like Clueless or Spaceballs. Sorry about your bad day!

  3. Gah, that sucks. When I feel crappy, I sit down with a cup of tea and my knitting and listen to an episode of This American Life. I watched a lot of DVDs while my computer was broken.

  4. Go for a walk. Exercise = endorphins. Endorphins make people happy. 😉 (And have the added bonus of buring kjs.)

  5. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I ended up going to yoga for the third week in a row. Can you believe it? I actually LIKE it now. Our instructor is wonderful, and I never feel like I’m going to die. The first time I was a little, “Ehhh…” during the whole “relaxation” phase at the start and end, but since then – now that I know what I’m doing – I’m totally getting into it. I come out feeling wonderfully relaxed and energized. So that was good.

    And then I went to Kmart and bought a popcorn popper, so the next bad mood I have, I’m totally doing Reen’s suggestion. 🙂

  6. hehe a mate just sent me this link.. one of these baked goods might make you laugh.

  7. I can’t believe there is a Porn Bread website. that is too much man!

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