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What Type of American English Do You Speak? I’m 75% General American English, 10% Upper Midwestern, 5% Dixie, 5% Midwestern, and 5% Yankee. I figured that much. A lot of them I had to think about though, since I don’t use many of those phrases over here. I should totally write my own quiz: “Which version of International English do you speak?” Question 1: Do you say a) ass, b) ahhhss, or c) arse? Question 2: How many syllables are in the chemical element with the symbol ‘Al’? (Hint: You probably have a roll of it in your kitchen.) Question 3: Is it a) ketchup, b) catsup, or c) tomato sauce?

I got a million of ’em. (Link courtesy of Brigita, who definitely pronounces ‘envelope’ and ‘amen’ correctly but regrettably stuffs up ‘aunt.’)


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  1. 70% General American English
    15% Upper Midwestern
    10% Dixie
    5% Midwestern
    0% Yankee

    Cool quiz!

  2. 85% General, 5% each Dixie, Midwestern, Upper Midwestern
    I had no clue that some people pronounce Mary, merry, and marry differently!

  3. 55% General American English, 25% Dixie, 15% Yank, 5% Upper Midwestern…I dunno where that last 5% came from, but otherwise that’s about right.

  4. 80% General American English
    10% Upper Midwestern
    5% Midwestern
    5% Yankee
    0% Dixie

    Well, Okay then…there you have it.

  5. My English (bad one) is 65% General American English, 20% Yankee, 10% Upper Midwestern, 5% Dixie.
    Hey, I’m from Finland, English is NOT my language.

  6. I was just looking around this particular site (Blogthings) and did you happen to see the “You know you are from Australia when…” link? (It also has several other nations and has each state in the US. Rather humourous to me. Here’s a link the the Australia one.

  7. 55% General American English
    25% Yankee
    10% Upper Midwestern
    5% Dixie
    5% Midwestern

    that’s about right….

  8. Hmmm… The Snook and I just looked through that list, Frances, and we don’t agree with 99% of them. It was more like “You know you’re a bogan if…” or “You know you’re from Paramatta when…” Not many of them apply to Aussies in general, I think. (Except for the fairy bread one. That one’s spot on.)

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