I’m so glad I’m back on the Depo Provera…


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  1. I was on Depo for about 3 years, and no periods was totally great, but I noticed a lot of side effects. I gained quite a bit of weight and it seemed to make me so hormonal that it was like permanent PMS.. so I went back on the pill, feeling as though periods would be worth not feeling like a bitch all the time, and I feel completely normal again.. no hormones, lost the weight.. Have you had any of these side effects?

  2. Huh. Not really. I actually lost 20 kilos while on it initially (though I gained it back), and I’ve lost six so far on my recent health kick. It doesn’t seem to give me any emotional weirdness either, whereas the Pill turned me into a raving psycho.

  3. Hah.. well that sure shows you everyones different

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