Amazing London

Awww, man, how great was that last episode of The Amazing Race? It was like the Kris and Rodd Tribute episode. Baker Street? That’s where my first flat was. (Sorry to disappoint the Sherlockians, but 221b doesn’t actually exist.) London Eye? Been there, done that. Hammersmith? That’s where we lived and worked for two years. (Although, that “Three Naked Men” statue must’ve been a recent addition, because that sure as heck wasn’t there before.) We cracked up every time they got directed to race across town yet again. Do you know how much it costs to take a black cab from Baker Street to Greenwich? I’m surprised that Ron and Kelly were able to beg enough to cover it. And as soon as they showed Phil on the mat, we both yelled out: “EROTIC GHERKIN!”

In terms of the big finale, I still like Rob and Amber but I admit it would be better for Joyce and Uchenna to win. She shaved her head! She deserves it. Ron and Kelly will hopefully implode, come in third, and break up before they kill each other.

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  1. I thought the same thing about the cab trip to the Dome.

    I thought Phil was at the “testacle” GLA building – mayor ken’s office – across the river from Tower Hill.

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