DietBlog: Week six has come and gone, and my official weight loss stands at 7.2 kilograms. That’s nearly sixteen pounds! Of course, if you graphed my actual loss per week you’d notice a severe downward trend thus far in May. I’m only averaging 600g a week now. I know it’s ridiculous to feel bad about it; I’m still heading in the right direction, and that’s still slightly above what you should be aiming for each weigh-in. I just got so excited by the big drops in the first few weeks that I half-expected them to continue. I did make one possible-related discovery tonight though: I’ve dropped into a lower Points bracket! (WW assigns the number of Points you get to eat per day based on your weight. Smaller people eat less.) I didn’t even realize it, but for the last two weeks I’ve been allowing myself an extra Point a day. Maybe that accounts for the slowdown…

In exercise news, on Saturday the Snook and I turned from bushwalking to exploring our own fair city: We did the Bondi to Coogee Walk. We packed a picnic lunch and enjoyed some fantastic ocean views. The whole thing took us about two-and-a-half hours. Here are a couple pictures. First is a surfie on Bondi. It was pretty chilly and gray that day, but the wind was making some big waves and there were plenty of guys out. Next is a self-portrait of me and the Snook with Bondi behind us. The third is an amazing view looking south from Mackenzies Point to Tamarama and Bronte. And lastly is the Snook, with me reflected in his sunnies. (Don’t worry Ma; he shaved today. That’s just his weekend scruff.)

Bondi surfie    Me and Snookums    Spectacular view    Snookums's sunnies

And lastly… I had a bit of an adventure tonight. I went to Dance Central to try out a belly dancing class. I know! Can you believe it? I nearly chickened out but the thought of another measly 600g loss spurred me on. It was surprisingly fun! I actually really enjoyed myself. I can’t shake my hips for shit, but I’m definitely the queen of the belly and chest jiggling. I figure what you lack in rhythm, you should make up for in enthusiasm, right? I was like the lead in my own little Bollywood movie. The instructor even told me I did a good job afterwards! I’m so going back next week.


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  1. Kris — very very good job on the loss, and don’t get discouraged! You usually lose a fair bit in the beginning, but then it tapers off to 1 – 2 pounds per week, which is much safer and more sustainable way to lose anyway. And keeping up the variety in exercise — like belly dancing, v cool — will help as well.

  2. I was the same way when I first started losing weight. I was a little upset when I wasn’t losing as much, but I got over that very quickly.

    I believe that everyone should try belly dancing at least once in their lives.

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