Try not to stare directly at my spook eye.

Try not to stare directly at my spook eye.
Good grief. On top of all the rest of my stress, I noticed earlier this week that the vision out of my right eye was significantly blurrier than out of my left. How long has this been the case? I have no idea. My allergies always make my eyes a little screwy so it’s hard to tell. It’s only with my contacts; my glasses are fine. It’s been about a year since my last prescription, so I stopped in at my optometrist tonight for a checkup. We did the whole “Better here…? Better here?” routine, and then the usual laser beam/puff of air in the eye thing. Finally he started writing down my new prescription. I freaked out as soon as I saw it: -7.5 and -9.0. Holy crap! My old prescription was -6.0 and -8.0! He didn’t seem too perturbed but I just lost it. “What’s the matter with me? Am I GETTING OLD? Am I GOING BLIND?” I asked in desperation. He laughed and then explained that that’s my glasses prescription, which is always stronger than your contacts prescription. The upshot was that my right contact is going up to a -6.5. Whew! Then he told me about some other patient of his named Lewis who’s up to a -18.0 in each eye. So now I feel a little better, knowing that I’m still better off than that guy.


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  1. -6.5? -8? Kris, you have nothing to worry about! I had a cataract removed from my right eye last year. That was up to about -21, but it’s now almost perfect with a plastic lens replacing the cataract. I have to have the other one done eventually, but that’s only about -13. 🙂 I have been legally blind all my life. Thanks heavens for contact lenses.

  2. Wow. You can actually get a lens implanted? I’m impressed! I discussed the laser surgery with my optometrist but it wouldn’t do much for a prescription as high as mine. I can’t wait to get a cyborg implant though! RoboKris to the rescue…

  3. The replacement in my case was for a lens that had developed a cataract. They’ve been doing this for cataracts since at least the early 1950s, when my grandad had his done. But I believe you can get them replaced even without a cataract if you have a very high degree of myopia (we’re called ‘high myops’ by eye specialists).

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