Dark side of the moon

Dark side of the moon.
I was just chomping away at my breakfast cereal and happily reading AskMeFi when I came across this question about the consequences of the moon’s destruction. It was all very interesting speculation and I was about to ask the Snook for his opinion… when I got to the bit about how it would mess up all the human female’s menstrual cycles. HUH? I nearly blew muesli all over the keyboard. That has to be a joke, right? But no, a couple of posters honestly argued that the length of a woman’s cycle is not coincidental, but is somehow tied to the phases of the moon. The fact that other large mammals have widely differing lengths of estrus doesn’t seem to sway them. My favorite bit of the argument is the cynical chick who refers to “magical moon fairies”. Even Uncle Cecil agrees.


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  1. heh. AskMeFi is addictive. There actually have been some rather odd scientific studies on menstruation, like on how women who live together start cycling together (remember those overflowing silver bins in the PW bathroom? sorry…too much information) but as far as I know, nothing related to the moon. Or moon fairies. Some people believe anything.

  2. Yeah, like that you pronounce it MEN-STRA-TION, you freak! 🙂

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