Dating a Developer

Via John: Dating a Developer. You know, I’d have to disagree with several of those “tips.” In fact, most of them actually apply to me way more than the Snook. I’m the one that stays up all night writing code to categorize cross-stitch charts. I’m the one on the street pointing out the frequency of iPods to iPod Shuffles (“…and can you believe that wanker still using a Nokia N-Gage?”) I’m the one with the growing collection of Apple-related T-shirts. (I’m totally making my own “Steve Jobs is my homeboy” shirt.) Him? He’s in bed every night by 10:30. He never notices people’s gadgets (or their shoes or anything else about them, for that matter). He’s not a bleeding-edge consumer; he finds old hard drives in our apartment complex’s garbage room and tries to bring them back to life. He doesn’t drool over the Apple Store. I think he’s a lot more old-school geek than the new era of fanboy Mac-loving CSS cowboy “designers,” and I prefer him that way.

Oh, and #2? She was SO WRONG on that one. My Snookums only has eyes for me. 🙂


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  1. Not to mention, her ‘clever code’ for #9 is incorrect! (Hmm, guess that makes me a prime candidate… but I’ll take boobies over gadgets any day 😉

  2. Heh. That’s like the Snook’s mantra too! I knew you guys would hit it off. 🙂

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