Famewhoring burns calories!

Famewhoring burns calories!
Yes, it’s true. As Tracey noticed, that was me knitting with the Nuala, the Channel 7 weathergirl, on the evening news tonight. A bunch of us from the shop went down to help promote the Salvation Army’s Knitting for our Homeless event this weekend. Man, my hair looked RED! The Snook’s extracting the video and I’ll have it posted in the morning.

After the newscast I headed into Glebe for my catch-up Weight Watchers meeting (since yesterday’s was cancelled because of the holiday). Again, I LOST WEIGHT. That doesn’t sound remarkable because you people don’t know what I ate this past weekend. On Friday night the Barkers watched me eat a veal schnitzel the size of a dinner plate with a side of deep-fried potatoes and wash it all down with three pints of beer. (Mmmmm, beer.) And I still lost over a kilo! My weight loss is now defying the LAWS OF THERMODYNAMICS. I can’t explain it. It’s like a sign from the universe telling me that my efforts to get rid of this virus are ALL IN VAIN, because it’s a GOOD VIRUS, and I love it and want to keep it forever. My precious, precious virus.

Oh, yeah, and so I ended up doing some more famewhoring, because there was a journalist at our meeting covering the Weight Watchers group leader pay dispute (which is spearheaded by our leader). The journo explained that nobody had to be photographed if they didn’t want to, but most of us ended up hanging around. The guy took a bunch of pictures from behind and then asked if anybody was willing to go up front for a few. Nobody moved. Finally I was like, “Sure, why not? I’m not from this bloody country anyway.” So I stood up and told my little story while the the photographer circled the room. Later I asked the journalist where the story would run and she said – barring any legal complications – it should appear in Good Weekend sometime soon.

So keep your eyes out for my newly skinny form, soon coming to every form of media in Australia. I expect to be appearing on Neighbours next year…


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  1. You need to patent that virus. 😉

    This probably really speaks to the fact that (despite the schnitzel & friends incident) you’ve been eating well and been more active. Good for you! Continued congratulations on the continued weight loss!

    But seriously, if you could find a version of that virus that would allow me to continue running as well as lose a little weight, I would appreciate an airmail delivery.

  2. Me too. Why airmail? e-mail is much faster.

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