RENT Trailer is out!

Return of my Inner RENT Rat
RogerSQUEEE! My good buddy Kelly McMahon just sent me a link to the official RENT trailer. Holy crap, how did I miss that it’s coming out so soon? It’s like I can feel the Christian Bale lust fading as my long-dormant Adam Pascal crush begins to bloom again. His long hair does look kinda wacky though. (That said, the two-second glimpse of “Roger leading his punk band” ROCKED MY WORLD.) It really does look like he’s going to be the central character of the film. I think Rosario Dawson is going to be a great Mimi. Other than that, I’m just tickled to see so many of the cast back together. Anthony Rapp looks to be given short shrift (in the trailer, at least) but Jesse Martin seems to be nicely featured (and deservedly so, since he’s probably the only recognizable face to most of America). I wonder if they’re going to keep it a true musical, where the songs spontaneously arise out of the action, or whether they’re going to do some cheat like in Chicago, where the songs are just fantasies in one character’s head. I wonder how well it will translate to film, seeing as how the best part of the theatrical version was feeling like you were really there, that you were really part of the whole experience. (The finale – with Mark shining his camera all over the audience – used to bring me to tears.) Man, I just can’t wait to see this! And hey, there’s a blog too. It’s nice to know that the Larson family is so involved.


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  1. Point of contention (you know me!): I would say that Taye Diggs by far the most famous of the original cast in America. Many people would know him by name. Yeah, they might recognize Jesse from Law and Order commercials, but I’d bet very few people would know him.

  2. P.S. I knew you’d post this immediately! 😉

  3. No way! Seriously, how many folks reading this know the name Taye Diggs? I think he’s a great actor (and smokin’ HOTT), but Jesse Martin was on Ally McBeal, for God’s sake. Way more recognizable, I think.

  4. i saw this preview last week, and i gotta say i disagree with the mimi call. i think rosario is lovely, and easy on the eyes, and physically a good fit for the role. but i was less than impressed with her in several things… including the recent sin city. ugh.

  5. Taye Diggs was on Ally McBeal.. and in Chicago. I don’t know who Jesse Martin is.

  6. I wonder if this is an Australia vs. US thing. I never see Taye Diggs on TV here, yet there’s a damn Law and Order commercial on every five minutes, it seems. My only conception of Taye Diggs’ career in the past six years – outside of the bit part in Chicago – is in vague African-American comedies that I can’t name. Oh, and he played the tantric guy in Go, but not many people saw that, did they? But the Aussies love L&O, so I think Jesse’s got the upper hand here.

  7. Taye = How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Brown Sugar, etc. Also, he had his own drama show this season – Kevin Hill or some shit. I think it tanked. Still though, he’s WAY more famous here. Also, we played pub trivia against his team once in LA, so I like him more.

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