Whoa! I was just sitting here knitting and watching some old stuff on the TiFaux when I had a total ND flashback. I was watching the “Like a Virgin” episode of Songs That Changed the World and not really paying attention when I suddenly recognized the voice of one of the commentators. It was Professor Pamela Wojcik! She started at ND when I was a senior and I ended up taking two different classes with her. (Three of the essays I wrote for her are on my writing page. They’re not great, but I still have fondness for the ABBA/Muriel’s Wedding paper.) How weird to see her on television! And without her funky glasses, which – I admit – inspired my own latest frame selection. She was definitely one of the cooler teachers I had. I should drop her a line and let her know that one of her former students just saw her on television in Australia!

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