The sale is OVER.

At long last, the Tapestry Craft sale is over. W00t! There’s nothing like a 13-hour-shift to really bookend a month of stress. A question for you craft types though: We’re considering some different ideas for promoting the website, and our two big options at this point are: A) offering free shipping, or B) price-matching with any other Australian website. Which would you find more enticing? Option B is probably the bigger discount, but it puts the onus on the customer to hunt around and find a low price first. Any thoughts?


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  1. hmm, thats a tough one.

    One the one hand, more people would be able to take advantage of the free shipping. But then again TS does have a reputation for being, well, a bit expensive and the price matching might combat that.

    Maybe you could do the price matching thing and then maybe free shipping on orders over like $250 or something. Just a thought.

  2. I hate those price-matching things. I think Amy’s idea is best. The best of both world’s. A nice little discount to those that do the footwork, and a sexy bonus for those that have an insane crafting drug habit to fix.

  3. I would vote for free shipping. That way you can get everything online, save a bit of money, and get it all on your doorstep.

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