Down with the Shearer!

Down with the Shearer!
(We interrupt this weblog for a special Big Brother related announcement.) Kick. Ass. She may be a John Howard lover, but this week Kate can do no wrong with me. Rather than uselessly take three nomination points off herself, she chose to face public opinion and take them off Christie instead… resulting in five nominees this week! Even better, one of those nominees is Glenn the Shearer, who I hate with the intensity of a thousand suns. Come on, Aussie women! Let’s get this affront to humanity out of the house and off our televisions. Even if you don’t watch the show, you should still phone in a vote to get the lying root rat bastard out. I won’t even bother bringing up the awful Michelle situation – even Gretel was feeling sorry for her – but him then immediately making plans to get on Kate was disgusting. My jaw dropped tonight during the clip of Geneva talking to the guys in the bathroom, when she left and Glenn turned to the other guys and said, “We were all thinking it, right? *pause* She looked like f**kin’ sh*t.” HE MADE OUT WITH HER A FEW WEEKS AGO, and then he turned around and said nasty things to the other boys behind her back, just because he likes someone else now. It’s every thirteen-year-old girl’s WORST NIGHTMARE. The Shearer must go!


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  1. I’m so conflicted. I’ve wanted Dean out for weeks, but the opportunity to get rid of Glenn may not present itself again for awhile… Ahh, decisions, decisions…

    (And dude, what’s up with Glenn referring to himself in third person all the time? “Shearer!”)

  2. That’s nothing to the ten minute brain-melting semantic argument I had with myself tonight about how to write the name “Hot Dogs” and indicate the possessive. Would it be Hot Dogs’s or Hot Dogs’? Because it does end in an “s”, yet it seems to be plural in that he doesn’t refer to himself as “Hot Dog.” Therefore Hot Dogs’ would seem to be correct. I was like, “Snookums? How in god’s name do you indicate possession on a plural proper name that’s used by a singular person?” And then my brain fell out.

  3. Glenn is a royal dickhead, but I’m afraid Vesna must die! Whinging, silly, prissy little cow. She just shits me so, so, so, so much. Arrrrgggghh!

  4. You got me curious, so I asked the technical writing manager at my work. His answer:

    It doesn’t matter that the proper name is plural. If it ends in the letter “s”, simply add an apostrophe to make the possessive:

    Hot Dogs’ surfboard
    (pronounced Hot Dogs, not Hot Dogses)

    same as

    Ross’ house
    Jesus’ sermon

    I hope this helps!
    A fan in the US 🙂

  5. Thanks for that, Carrie. That’s kinda what I was thinking, but it’s still tremendously weird for a person to have a plural nickname, don’t you think?

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