Google Maps Australia

Our houseHow neat! Google Maps now has satellite images for all of Australia. You can even see our house! Check it out. Right in the middle of that image is a large apartment complex with a white roof that looks sorta like a “9”. Well, see the little standalone white square, right between the big white connected bit and the two darker roofs below? That’s our apartment! We’re separate from the rest of the building. How cool is that? Some other noteworthy Australian locations: Uluru (which looks pretty similar to the one I took), the Maree Man (which blows my mind; more info here, and of course, Wandoo, otherwise known as the Snook family homestead up in Eungai Creek. (The new Pacific Highway runs NW-SE across the middle, and Wandoo is located in the middle of the sock-shaped loop of trees just south of it in the middle. Oh, and the big mountain with the white spot on top is Yarrahappini.)

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  1. this is so exciting!! I’ve been waiting so long for them to do australia!!

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