Send Emma a postcard

Send Emma a Postcard
My Dad sent me a letter about his little next-door-neighbour, Emma Bickel. Emma is four-and-a-half years old and last week she slipped while playing in the sprinkler and broke her femur. She’s going to have to spend most of the summer in a half-body cast. Poor little thing! So to keep her occupied, she’s trying to collect postcards from all around the world. I’m sending her a postcard, and you should too! (Even if you’re from the U.S.; she’s trying to get all 50 States.) So if you can spare postage and a few minutes of your time, leave me a comment with an e-mail address and I’ll send your her details. (I’d post it here but I don’t want to create a Craig Shergold situation.) Thanks…


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  1. Hey! I just wandered over here from Craftster or some such place. (love all of your knitting btw) I can send her one from Hawaii if you send her info along. I spent a summer in a cast myself when I was 6 so I know how unhappy she must be feeling.

  2. Awww, thanks Amy! E-mail sent.

  3. Count me in, Kris. Every kid needs a postcard from Alabama–I promise not to send her one with the Ten Commandments on it. 🙂

  4. Count me in, Nebraska will be covered!

  5. She can have one of our exciting bell tower. Or a black swan.

  6. I’ll definitely send her one.. everyone needs a postcard from Canada =D

  7. Aw, dammit. Looks like Perth’s already covered. And, come on – we’ve got more than the bell tower! What about our fabulous convention centre?? :p

  8. I would love to send her a card from Maryland, USA! That is just really neat! Anything to lift her spirits!

  9. I’ll send her one of the Angel of the North. Or maybe the bridges across the Tyne. Something from Geordieland anyway.

  10. You guys rock! E-mails sent to everybody. 🙂

  11. usa! usa! i will send one from chicago. i’m ON it!

  12. Sorry, Niffler! I am sure there is more than enough Perth to go around! What about Rotto?

  13. Can I get her details too?
    Maybe she doesn’t really need a postcard from Singapore but she will get one… 🙂

  14. Absolutely! Consider London covered (can’t only have the North represented!). And am sure I can get Washington state & west virginia to join in, and probably florida too…

  15. rdh (kristys dad)

    June 30, 2005 — 2:37 am

    Thanks a million Kris and everybody, YOU GUYS ROCK. I will let her mom know to watch for the cards to come pouring in. Her mom and dad carried her outside and kinda set her in a lounge chair over the weekend so she could as least get outside for a bit. She really is a cute little girl and if she is outside I never ever get in the door without her telling me hello. I’m sure she is goin g to appreciate this very much. Thanks again everyone.

  16. Oh yeah I forgot to add that if my other daughter is reading this I was told they are having a difficult time getting post cards from the west coast and last time I looked Calif. was on the west coast.

  17. Isn’t it awesome, Dad? I told you these guys would come through. 🙂

    E-mails sent to everybody now. Please let me know if you don’t get it. The filename has tripped at least one person’s virus detector (because it had multiple dots), so let me know if you haven’t got it or need me to send it again.

  18. bring it on – i got CA and PA next week, dode.

  19. Finland is now OK, i sent her a postcard today.

  20. Hey, I could add another PA if you want – Pittsburgh side.

  21. I sent you the details, Alaina…

  22. Is having another one from sydney any help? I will send one if you think it’s worth it . . .

  23. How is Emma now? I hope she is healing
    well and she is now playing and running with other kids.
    How many postcards she gets? All states? Other countries?
    Best wishes to her, there is so many new summers waiting for her.

  24. Very good question, jussi! I’ll check with my Dad and see if he can get us a follow-up.

  25. Well since somebody brought it up, she was over at our house helping us hand out candy for Halloween, I asked her mom and she got something like 600 post cards, I think she said from 43 different states and 14 different countrys. She said they even had a couple come from Iraq and Jerusalem which kind of surprised me, sounds like the web-goddess has a far reaching global readership.

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