What type of Disney fan are you?

What type of Disney fan are you? Much like Moire, I’m a member of the Disney elite. (I’m not though. It’s just that I really liked “The Little Mermaid”, “Beauty and the Beast”, and “Mulan”, and that knowledge got me past several of the questions.)

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  1. Odd–I’m Disney Elite as well, even though I (don’t throw things at me) typically loathe most Disney movies, new and old. (I’m just a grump, I guess–most animated movies bore me to tears.) I got “elite” because I’m a film trivia nerd, I guess.

  2. I wouldn’t go so far as to really call myself elite. I think it’s the love of movie trivia more than anything else. It was fun trying to remember the names of the women who voiced Ariel, Mulan, Belle, etc. Been a while since I had to dredge up those tidbits. 🙂

  3. I so know what you mean. I was nerdily hoping that they’d ask about the acting/singing voices of Pocahontas. 🙂

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