Snook: Sooo… how’d you go?
Me: *victory dance*
Snook: Yay!
Me: I lost 1.3 kilos!
Snook: No way! 1.3? Boy, you must’ve had a big poo before your meeting!
Me: *glares*

DietBlog: All disgusting scatalogical comments from the spousal unit aside, yep, I registered an honest-to-goodness loss this week. Go me! I even got (yet another) gold star when I told how I’d bounced back from my first gain and found inspiration from my friends in the group. That was pretty much the only high point of the meeting though… as karma has returned to bite me in the ass, big time. Remember how I left my original WW group because I thought it was a little boring? (Not you, Emily, if you’re reading this! Just the dynamic of the attendees.) Well, my new Super Fun Leader Megan was off this week on vacation with her family, so we had a substitute. I’ll call her “Bab,” which stands for “Boring as Batshit.” It was the absolute worst WW meeting out of the dozen or so I’ve been to. She just talked at us the entire time. The sum total of our group interaction – which is usually the highpoint of the meeting – was occasionally waving our hands when she’d poll us on something. “Who here knows about low G.I. foods?” *wave* “Who here uses Splenda instead of sugar?” *wave* “Who here cooks?” *wave* It SUCKED. At one point she was just reading the labels of various foods she’d brought to us. She spent a full ten minutes recounting a soup she’d made herself for dinner the week before. I also got to hear all about the aneurysm she’d had the year before, and about how being skinny was the only thing that saved her life. And about how much her family loves her for losing weight. And about how she’s trying to give up coffee and it really sucks. Are you getting the idea? (And yes, I realize how ridiculous it sounds for me to be lambasting this woman on my WEBLOG for being self-obsessed, but it’s not like I charge any of you guys to be here, right? Exactly.) I didn’t feel inspired when I left, and I actually felt bad that some of the new people might think that Bab was indicative of the program. I’m worried, too, because even though we’ll have Megan for a few more weeks, she’s going back to Uni in August and we have to have a new Leader for the semester. PLEASE DON’T LET IT BE BAB!


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  1. Hi! I was googling sock monkeys and I found you. You’re very witty and funny. And don’t let Boring Bab get you down.

  2. Speaking of sock monkeys, our new kitty, George, loves the one that you made and I won from the Oscar challenge a few years ago. I put it in the window upstairs and he takes it downstairs within an hour at least daily. I’m trying to get a picture of the transport process, but haven’t been able to catch a good shot yet.

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