Holy crap, ladies and gentlemen. I am DONE. I didn’t really intend to digest the whole thing in one sitting, but here I am seven hours later all sniffly and hungry. Don’t read the comments if you haven’t finished it yet.


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  1. MEANINGLESS WARNING TO TAKE UP SPACE ON THE HOME PAGE SO PEOPLE DON’T GET INADVERTANTLY SPOILED… That should do it. So, Snape was a baddie after all, huh? On one hand I’m absolutely infurited by him. How COULD he? How COULD he? But on the other hand, I applaud JK Rowling for going there. I thought for sure that after five books of “Harry thinks Snape’s evil but really he’s not” there’d be some cop out where Alan Rickman still got to play the secret good guy. But nope… That bastard. I did feel a little pity for Draco too. I thought all along that his task was to kill Potter, and it wasn’t until the very end that I worked it out. (I’m totally gullible watching/reading stuff; I never guess the surprises ahead of time.)

    Just talking more to the Snook about the Snape issue. (He hasn’t cracked his copy yet so I’m trying to keep him unspoiled.) He was like, “So, was the Prince someone completely new? Or who you expected?” And I said, “No, he definitely WASN’T someone new, but at the same time, it wasn’t someone completely unexpected either. But it’s like you didn’t exactly suspect them either, because the secret was pretty much hiding in plain sight.” I never suspected Snape because it just seemed way too obvious. And he was like, “Okay, but then the Prince’s identity was irrelevant, right?” But I said that it totally wasn’t, and that in fact, the title was a pretty good one because the whole point of the book really was about the Prince, setting him up for the final act. It’s like in Phantom Menace, where most of what goes on is just hand waving while the real story is just a little bit at the beginning and the end, when you realize who the baddies really are and just how the situation has been manipulated. And then you realize that the whole point WAS that little bit of plot. Book 6 was about FINALLY figuring out who Snape is and what the big finale’s going to encompass.

    That said, I did have a few complaints. I got really tired of the repeated plot device (repeated over several books now) of Harry telling everybody that he thinks something evil’s afoot, and nobody believing him. This time it was even worse, what with Hermione and Ron totally not buying his “Draco is up to something” routine. I just got a little bored with it. Ditto with the big explosive “whiz bang” shootout battle at the end. I hate reading fights. I don’t understand them and I read too fast to keep the whole action clear in my head.

    You know what I did like though? ALL THE SNOGGING. This was totally NOT a kids book, now was it? I was like, “Whoa, Snookums, I think we just had the first documented use of the word ‘slut’ in the Harry Potter series!” I loved that Ginny and Harry finally got together, and (even though I was sad that it hurt Hermione), good on Ron for finally getting some! I imagine there’s going to be some outrage from idiot conservatists about how eight-year-olds are going to get all corrupted and stuff, but really, the protagonists are sixteen-year-olds and that age group does a lot worse in Judy Blume books. Right?

    So… Dumbledore’s death. I sniffled a little bit, definitely more than for Sirius. I think I was affected by the adventure on the lake though. I didn’t like seeing him all weepy and shaky and getting-poison-poured-down-his-throat. It’s like, give the man some dignity, you know? And then seeing him all weak… and finding out that he’d made a mega-serious mistake in trusting Snape. And them finding him all crumpled up on the grass… He’s supposed to be all mysterious and dignified! I think I was just a little too shocked to get seriously upset. (And hey, we never did get the story of how his arm got all black, did we? I wonder if it will remain a mystery.)

    Okay, so who the hell is RAB? I’ve been racking my brain and I can’t think of anybody other than the other Black brother. Didn’t his name start with an “R”? (I can’t be bothered looking it up.) But the note seemed to indicate that he’d destroyed the original locket, so Harry should only have three to locate. I’m worried about her having enough space to wrap up the plot though. It reminds me of the final book in “The Dark is Rising” series, when they’ve only managed to find, like, one of the six magic objects and you just know that they’re gonna have to rush through the other five at breakneck speed just to finish on time. That’s what I worry about. And dammit, there needs to be some room for the Ron-and-Hermione-get-engaged subplot! I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR YEARS!

    Okay, I think that’s everything for now.

  2. It took me nine hours to read if I subtract the time I spent at spinning and weaving this afternoon. I absolutely had to read it right away or my students would have spoilt it for me when school goes back on Monday.
    Yes, there were enough romantic triangles for it to be worthy of a soap opera at times… The ships were definitely more in-you-face. I thought the Tonks/Lupin thing was lovely. I understand why Harry broke it off with Ginny at the end – but the ending also made it sound like Ron and Hermione won’t be leaving Harry yet to do what he must ultimately do alone…
    You want page 470 for the explantation of Dumbledore’s burned hand.
    It’s Regulus Black, but I’m not sure if we’ve ever learnt his middle name. No doubt this will be the subject of much speculation to come.
    And where the heck was more explanation of Lily Evans, or the importance of the Chamber of Secrets in all this? I thought Malfoy was definitely trying to enter the Chamber with feeble attempts at parseltongue when Harry discovered him and used sectumsempera.
    The odds were on Dumbledore dying, but I had never considered it would be Snape who did it – I spent most of the last hundred pages bawling my eyes out.
    I think the things that really surprised me were the idea that Hogwarts might close, and regardless, Harry would not be returning to school. And that Fawkes the phoenix, left Hogwarts, and Harry for good. I had always envisioned Fawkes staying at Harry’s side should Dumbledore die.

  3. I think (hope?) it’s possible Snape’s not entirely evil. There are all sorts of wild theories flying over at Fiction Alley Park (e.g. that Dumbledore and Snape arranged D’s death for the ‘greater good’, etc). I don’t know why I’m so eager to redeem Snape… Perhaps I just don’t like the feeling of Dumbledore being betrayed so horribly, and trusting so blindly and being so… fallible! *sniffle*

    Oh, I’ve got so much more to say, but I’m so tired I can’t form coherent thought. Need sleep.

    (And yes, Regulus Black is a possibility being discussed on a bunch of HP message boards.)

    (And the shipping… oh my!)

  4. Oh, Kris – feel free to delete my last comment. I just realised I should have left some space before including spoilers!! My deepest apologies to anyone who is inadvertently spoiled due to my carelessness.

  5. OK, forgive me for spamming. I’m going to get that comment off the front page! (please delete all comments when you see them, Kris!)

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  7. Man, do I feel like an idiot.

  8. OK, I think this one will do it… so sorry, once again, folks!

  9. spoiler space blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
    Holy crap sums up how i feel too. I can really only say that the major thing that annoyed me was, when the hell will ron and hermione admit their
    love for one another? sure they were holding each other at the end and he was stroking her hair, but come on! an official confirmation is too much? and i felt that harry breaking up with ginny was a little bit too mary jane and peter parker. although i was sad to see The Big D go i was totally surprised by Snape being the one to kill him, although i had always thought he would end up betraying him. But i was more teary by ron and hermione agreeing to go with harry at the end. roll on, book seven!

  10. Spoilers here too.

    Yup, spoilers I say.


    Ok, anyway, I definitely liked it, and it was good to see the war that’s been hinted at in IV and V finally start to rage.

    I do think Harry was far too trusting of the Half-Blood Prince book, given all the talk of horcruxes, the half-blood emphasis of his Pensieve visions, and his previous experience with Riddle’s diary. The kids seem to be getting less quick-witted as the books move on, but perhaps it’s due to all the hormones.

    Speaking of which, I myself could have done without all the Sweet Valley High teen angst, but I also expected it. Ginny Weasley? That’s your friend’s sister, yo (even if it has been building for 5 books now.)

    As for Snape being evil, well, even the very wise cannot see all ends. My heart tells me that Snape has some part to play yet, for good or ill, before this is over.

    And Draco now joins Neville Longbottom as a serious wild card in the final battle.

    Regulus Black as RAB is an excellent, excellent call.

    I have harbored a pet theory about how it’ll all end since finishing Book V, and the business with the horcruxes definitely strengthens it. But I’ll say no more for now. All in good time, as was dear old Dumbledore’s wont.

  11. It’s okay, Niffler, I think you took care of any spoiler fallout. I’ll leave them there just in case anybody else needs reminding, if that’s okay with you! 🙂

    So it seems that most people seem to expect Snape to play some sort of Gollum role that redeems Dumbledore/Gandalf’s faith/pity, right? I guess I can see that. I did think in that first wild second that Snape had done it so that he could use some “fake” spell, but then I remembered the Unbreakable Vow (no cheating there) and then Harry found he could move. That pretty much sucked. And you’re right, I was somehow more moved by Fawkes’s song and disappearance than anything else.

    I didn’t think that Draco was trying to open the chamber. I think he was just, like, depressed and out of his mind and Myrtle was the only one he could talk to. He was crying when Harry saw him, and Myrtle had said something earlier about the boy who said he’d come back to talk to her. I agree with Kevin that Draco could be a wildcard in the final battle. I really like the idea of his possible redemption, too. He *couldn’t* kill Dumbledore, and his anguish seemed pretty realistic. I can’t wait to see where she goes with that. (And hello? I bet the slash writers are ALL over this sudden depth of character.)

    Does anybody else wonder if all the talk about the “Chosen One” and the constant semantic arguments about Voldemort “choosing” Harry instead of Neville, mean that someone it could still twist and be that Neville was the big Voldemort slayer after all? I feel like she deliberately left that option open. I can’t imagine how Harry would feel if it turned out he’d really only been a decoy. Although, it probably wouldn’t change anything, as he pointed out himself that even if he wasn’t the Chosen One, he’d still want to off the big V. I just really hope he pulls it off and gets to live a normal life though. It’s like the ending of Buffy. You know that the traditional myth structure demands that the hero die nobly in fulfilling their mission, but you still want there to be some loophole so that the poor bastard can finally be like everybody else.

  12. On the Neville tip, I was thinking the same thing for awhile…but J.K. Rowling herself seems to throw water on that idea in this FAQ entry.

    Also intriguing is this answer about Sirius’ mirror.

  13. Ah, thanks for that Kevin. All my speculation is based on the books; I haven’t read anything on the official site. I wonder what else she clears up!

  14. “spoiler space blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah b…” (I figure that if I just copy-and-paste someone else’s filler from the main page… 😉

    I was completely expecting to get online after I finished to say, “Yeah, I knew Snape was really just a double (triple?) agent. Dead obvious from the way he talked about Harry in that first scene.” But no, J.K. Rowling, as you say, “went there”. The first really treacherous character in the series– very adult.

    Speaking of which, I’m glad that I’m not the only person for whom the word “slut” jumped off the page. Wish she had put in a little more colorful language, just to flesh out the now-sixteen-year-old characters a little more. The constant makeout party was good, though. Does that mean (implied) hot teenage wizard sex in the next one? (I kid, of course.) The teenage angst lends a little more credibility to the characters; I just wish JKR hadn’t made it so predictable and formulaic.

    You’re right, Kris– all of that completely sets Snape up to be the Gollum character in the final volume: bad, then pretending to be good, then really evil, then (in VII) inadvertantly doing a lot of good.

    Ah, that’s it for now. If I think of something that everyone else hasn’t already said, I’ll probably share again.


    Snape’s not evil! For one thing, Snape’s presence the whole way through the books has underscored the importance of distinguishing between evil the appearance thereof, and it doesn’t make sense to be all black-and-white now, particularly when Harry’s got empathy with Draco’s position.

    The whole thing was planned with Dumbledore. They knew Draco couldn’t kill Dumbledore, just as Harry couldn’t successfully use Cruciatus on Snape, so Snape had to be the one to kill Dumbledore, or else he would have died himself. Snape didn’t want to kill Dumbledore, which is what their argument was about, and Snape was trying to help Draco all the way through so that Draco wouldn’t fail and Snape wouldn’t have to step in. Dumbledore knows, at the end, that the time has come, and that’s why he wants Snape called. The plea isn’t for Snape to spare him – he doesn’t plead with anyone else, so why would he plead with Snape? And Snape hates the position he’s put in, and that’s why he looks disgusted and freaked out, and why his face is full of pain when Harry calls him a coward for killing Dumbledore. I wrote a much larger, more coherent thing about it here, and speculate about the whereabouts of the real horcrux locket, amongst other things.

  16. Holy crap, Heather. Excellent, excellent call on a lot of that stuff. You’ve seriously set my head spinning. I figured there’d be some Snape apologists trying to tease out a possible Snape-Dumbledore alliance, but your explanation actually seems pretty plausible. Here’s the thing though: What’s the point? I mean, it’s a pretty risky maneuver when Harry could just as easily go nuts and go after Snape, leaving Voldemort to run free. If Dumbledore hasn’t told anybody else about his plan to keep Snape on V’s good side, then what use is Snape as a spy? It’s not like the Weasleys or Tonks or any of the other Aurors are going to believe him if he tries to pass on any information. So does he have some super secret mission, something to do that he hasn’t done yet? I guess I’m saying I buy into the possibility, but I can’t satisfy myself that there was a real motive for doing it.

    I’ll have to keep your theory in mind as I go through the book a second time…

  17. SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER I think it all makes sense if we have as a starting point either a) Dumbledore is dying/thinks his time is up, or b) Snape’s life is in danger, and this is more of a hazard to the resistance than the death of its leader.

    It’s a bit odd to think of Dumbledore wanting to die, but he’s pretty bloody old and he’s already put paid to Grindelwald. I can quite imagine that he’d be happy to leave it to the young folk. His tone through the whole book is light, self-deprecating, funny and serene, which brings to mind his line from the first book: “To the well organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.” Dumbledore is nothing if not a master strategist, and if he figures his time is up, or he’s prepared the next generation to take his place, then why not step aside? He constantly encouraged Harry to participate rather than just coming along, like when Harry performs the summoning charm on the horcrux and the broomsticks, and he seems confident in Harry’s abilities when he’s carrying him back to the castle: “‘I am not worried, Harry,’ said Dumbledore, his voice a little stronger despite the freezing water. ‘I am with you.'”

    I’m a bit distressed about Harry going it alone when there’s a lot more to learn, but Snape’s Defence lessons suggest that there’s not much more he can learn at school, and in fact he disagrees with Snape’s approach to Dementors, from personal experience. Dumbledore’s perspective has always been that Harry’s major strength is the ability to love. In this book he clarified that the love thing means that he’s motivated to smack Voldemort down not because of the prophecy, but for revenge and to protect those he loves. But I also wonder whether that might be that he has really good friends, and between him, Ron and Hermione, they can figure most things out. And Ginny, probably. I can’t see her just sitting at home, waiting for Harry to come back.

    Snape’s loyalty to Voldemort has always been in question. It seems that Wormtail’s presence in his home is a punishment to both he and Snape, and it seems pretty likely that Wormtail would report anything even remotely suspicious. Killing Dumbledore sets Snape pretty unequivocally on Voldemort’s side, so a fair bit of sabotage could go unnoticed, particularly if he could manage to get Draco on side.

    I think Snape isn’t really any use as a spy in any scenario where Dumbledore dies, because nobody else trusts him except inasmuch as Dumbledore has vouched for him, time and time again. Similarly, without Dumbledore, who’s going to lead the Order? There’s no natural choice there, it seems to me, and we don’t know how many other leads Dumbledore is following up at any time. Nobody could fill his shoes, and he can’t necessarily trust someone else to do the job. The preferred alternative to prepare Harry to operate as a vigilante or found his own (smaller, less formal) organisation, using the PR skills he learned while running the DA and dealing with Slughorn and, to a lesser extent, the new Minister.

    The other way in which Snape could be of assistance on the inside, even if nobody knows he’s on the good side, is to help fuck Voldemort up when the inevitable assault comes. If that’s the plan, then it’s absolutely imperative that nobody knows about it so that Snape can be as close to Voldemort as possible when the time comes. He’s in cover so deep, nobody knows about it.

    Ultimately, I think that’s why Harry’s the only person Dumbledore told about the horcruxes and so forth. Should anyone else hear about them, there’d be a treasure hunt for chunks of Voldemort’s soul. I’d imagine there’d be people out there stupid enough to try and sell Voldemort his own backups, or get horribly injured trying to get to them.


    Heather, you’ve articulated beautifully the essence of what I believe regarding Snape. Your arguments have put it all together in my head – the hostility between Dumbledore and Snape overheard by Hagrid; the uncharacteristic “pleading” from Dumbledore just prior to his death, etc.

    Though Kris, you raise a valid point. Such an agreement between Dumbledore and Snape leaves Snape incredibly vulnerable. Unless Dumbledore has somehow left iron-clad proof that he and Snape were in cahoots, the whole Order will be out for his blood. Presumably, Dumbledore believed that Snape can take care of himself should this eventuate.

    I’m so dizzy (with theories) my head is spinning.

  19. I have been longing for months to read this book. I am completely embarrassed to say that the thought of entering Harry’s world for even just a few hours was so exhilarating I even opted to forgo sex and food just to keep reading…. After finishing, I am very pleased although shocked, but I was very embarrassed to see that Scholastic Press was so eager to release that they permitted millions of American copies of the HBP book to be published with a minor typo on page 38. It really is just one small letter in a tiny 3 letter word, but it just made me feel that they did not hold the story in as high a regard as I do. I mean, if you’re going to print millions of copies and make millions of dollars; couldn’t you just take a few seconds and run it through spell check just once more before printing?

  20. Also, has anyone looked in the Order of the Phenoix for reference to Sirius’s brother’s middle name on the family crest wall hanging thingy?

  21. I found two editting errors besides the one on page 38. I did get the sense they rushed it out.

  22. I feel silly leaving the blah blah blahs, because HOW HAVE YOU NOT FINISHED??? 🙂

    I jumped to Regulus Black pretty quickly (and yes I checked book five). Because I remembered Harry challenges Snape saying only Death Eaters refer to Voldemort as “Dark Lord” (how the note in the locket was addressed).

    I blubbered the whole way through the end, but couldn’t help thinking it was a little ObiWan – like Dumbledore will become much more powerful in death.

    There’s also talk of Harry (or his scar) being the final Horcrux. Interesting.

    My sister has always seen some ending where Draco & Harry have to work together. After having his mother threatened, who knows? And who knew Malfoy was such a weeping little girl? >:)

    Only thing to do now is read it again – once I get it back from my waiting list of cheap friends

  23. OH, but how freaking great was the conversation between Harry & the Minister @ the Burrow??? When he flashed his scarred hand @ him?? Loved it!

  24. Dude, you gotta leave the blah blah blahs! My sister chewed me out this morning for having spoilers on my site. I was like, “But I didn’t! I hid them!” But apparently it’s enough to even mention that they’re there, because she had no willpower and clicked and learned about Sirius. So I told her that it’s actually rather up in the air right now, the whole “he’s a baddie” thing, so hopefully she hasn’t been too ruined for it…

  25. Spoiler spoiler bo boiler banana nana no noiler me mi mo moiler…spoiler.

    The “Harry as the 7th Horcrux” is what I was thinking too. My guess as of Book V is that, to defeat Voldemort, Harry will have to “die,” as in lose his magical power (i.e. grow up, become an adult, insert end-of-childhood magic metaphor here.)

    So, although J.K.R. has consistently proven me wrong in the past, my bet is Harry wakes up from his final battle with Voldemort, realizes his scar and magic are gone, is helped up by Draco/Neville, contemplates Snape’s sacrifice, then goes off to be Ginny Weasley’s Muggle love slave.

  26. MEANINGLESS WARNING TO TAKE UP SPACE ON THE HOME PAGE SO PEOPLE DON’T GET INADVERTANTLY SPOILED… I like the idea that he doesn’t have to necessarily bite it to destroy Voldemort, but why would he lose all his magical powers? It’s not like they *all* came from Voldemort. His parents were both wizards and we don’t really have any reason to believe that baby Harry was a squib, do we? So maybe he won’t lose everything…

  27. SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER Okay so i think def. R.A.B is sirius is brother but i also think they mentioned his middle name somewhere in HPHBP but i cant really remember.
    i also had expected dumbledore to die( though i cryied my eyes out for the last like 110 pages) it was very obvious throughout all the books harry has had a lot of help in staying safe from Lord Voldemort now with Dumbledore dead as well as Sirius Harry has to face Voldemort alone so if Dumbledore hadnt died book seven would be a drag because there would be someone able to save harry.
    SNAPE what on earth can i say about him WOW!!! I always knoew he was evil but i couldnt believe it until that moment he killed dumbledore. Even as i read chapter 2 and knew he had made the promise to keep Malfoy safe i still had that feeling he might be good and was just doing that to keep dumbledore informed. Malfoy he wouldnt have done it i really think he was going to join dumbeldore’s side but the death eaters came he was at that point were you could tell he wasnt going to do it and frankly let see what happens to him when Voldemort find out snape killed him and not Malfoy!
    My Theory’s on whats to come
    Okay so i really think R.A.B is Sirius brother and if thats the case it means that he wasnt that evil after all and i kinda have this feeling that tells me sirius’ brother is NOT dead if you recall sirius was told this by someone who hadnt even see it happen so something tells me he might still be around but in hiding and who knows he might even look like sirius!
    Second I think Malfoy’s gonna try and help harry alfter all thats happened but in the end to be truthful ithink harry’s gonna die i mean J.K has already said she isnt making another book after book seven and in order for harry to keep going with life we would have to know everything that happened but that would be really sad!
    well those are my theory’s and over all I love this book J.K just makes them better and better everytime now all we have left is to wait for the movies and another 2 years for Book seven. If you have any Comments on this feel free to email me
    [email protected]

  28. Good to see that the discussion continues (I’d thought it had wrapped up Sunday night before I’d finished the book).

    I had also come up with a similar theory as Heather about the fact that D. knew that Snape would have to kill him, not as a betrayal (on Snape’s part) or a desire (on Dumbledore’s part), but as something almost inevitable, thus he prepared Harry as much as possible.

    One of the things I found interesting was Rowling’s conjecture about how dark times can cause such reactions by the government that something evil is almost sure to rise up in reaction to it. JR’s getting a little political! (Or maybe she always was and I’m just picking up on it now).

    Also interesting is how she (through Dumbledore) explains how Voldemort fulfills upon the prophesy by trying to avoid it, like Oedipus or any other classic myth.

    And finally, Ginny has firmly established herself as the coolest character. I like her more and more every book.

    I’m still sad thinking that book 7 will not take place in Hogwarts. I think that makes me sadder than losing Dumbledore (although I’m sure that we’ll get advice from him a lot via his portraits).


    I just can’t help being reminded of the long black curtian hair description of Snape. Sirius was all to often described the same way.

    Were we ever given the details of how Regulus died?

    Snape and Sirius didn’t like each other…maybe it was a little sibling tension?

    Luke…I mean Harry, I am your fath…er…OTHER uncle!

    Eitherway, I think Snape really does wind up being a good guy in the end. I agre killing D was part of the plan, or maybe he had a Unbreakable Vow with Dumbledore too.

  30. The book was good. Ive read it four times in four days(dont ask me how). its a good book, and i only hope for two things in the seventh book. 1. Harry finds a steady girlfriend (one he doesnt spend a month with then break up) and 2. blast Voldemort into oblivion. heh… i cant belive the book has only been out for a week and im already impatient for the seventh….. ah well. Dumbledore dying was a bit of a shock, but Snape revealing his colors a traitor, well, lets just say that if you asked me about him and i hadent read the book, id still say he turned out to be evil…. about the R.A.B thing… i caught the “dark lord” and the “i face death” clues and it pointed to only one person in the whole series…. Regulus Black, Sirius’ brother.
    wont say anymore now, but i find more details, ill try and post em.

  31. SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER Oh and i hope (of Harry succeds in ridding the world ov Voldemort) that he and Ginny get back together…. it seems like that had fun in their few weeks together.

  32. and by the way, the date thing for this forum (the thing that says what date the post was err posted…. [no pun intended]) is out of whack… im posting this on the 22 no the 23.

  33. It depends what time zone you’re in. My server is in Indiana, I’m in Australia, it’s all over the place. Ignore it. And hello people? USE SPOILER TAGS. The first 50 or so characters of your posts show up on the home page and I don’t want anyone to be inadvertantly spoiled!


    After reading the other books leading up 2 the day i got the book (yesterday) beacuase the dang store got my pre-order screwed up which stunk but oh well at least ive read it and I personally have to say that J.K.R is a very gifted writer and that each book has me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what comes next.
    SPOILER”S START HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One of my main therios from the start was concluding with harry that no matter what happened snape was always on Voldemort’s side and from the beginning had only been doing these things so things so that he could still be under the wing of Voldemort but also in that of dumbledore for when he returned. and man was the HBP thing was very well put together. But the fact that dumbledore never said please don’t. make’s me wonder and as for the ginny-harry thing i suspect that in the case of harry killing Voldemort. He marries ginny gets ethier a job as an auror or on a quiditch team as a seeker and blah blah blah blah happy ending. JUST MY THEORY
    in the case of Harry dieing Ginny will have been killed by Voldemort beacause malfoy would know that harry and ginny had been dating and have told Voldemort this and there fore he would have taking her to lure harry before all the horecruxes had been found and he kills ginny just as harry arrives and then somehow harry dies. In a morbid way its still a happy ending that although harry never got revenge he would be reunited with his parent’s sirius, Dumbledore, and the woman he loved who had just died before him.

    I’m really leaning on the hopeful first choice although the second one would be more interesting and after coming to this point i realize that the ginny thing could still happen and that give harry even more of an urge of revenge. and as for the Horcruxes as if you infact read the books we know that two are gone the diary from the second book and the locket. As i have gathered from what the book has said one of the items owned by etheir godric or hufflepuff ithink may be ravenclaw my minds a little blank at the moment and the snake so that accounts for 4 of them i may have missed sumthin but, for the other thing they may be stuff from previous books. like that dagger used 2 take blood from harry to revive voldemort to full.

    Well whatever I think up with theories and more 2 discuss ill write it

  35. Also one thing i just realized to add to my theory is that snape who is also on the evil side would know about Ginny and Harry most likely and be able to tell Voldemort about them.

  36. R.A.B I know ive seen that in a diff book think maybe one before the 5th but its been so long since ive read those that I cant remember and she said she wouldnt add any new charecters


    Yowzers! I’ve just read the whole of this page an realized one or two interesting things. First of all, if Ron and Hermione get married, Harry and Ginny get married, plus the fact that Bill and Fluer are getting married, sort of gets out of hand. If all of the forementioned couples get married, then Ron and Harry are related, Harry and Hermione are related and all of them are related to Fluer… The mind reels… Jonathan, though I find your theories interesting, I also find them bordering insanity. This is just my opinion, if you dont like my opinions, just ignore them. I’ve now read the book 13 times, and I’m hurring to finish it before somthing bad happens… 13! Interesting stuff… Cant wait for the last one.

    Oh by the way kris, I just realized that there would have been absolutely no point in Draco tring to open the chamer, as Harry had killed the basilisk 3 and half years previously.


    Also, about D’s blackened hand, the full story is never revealed, but D does mention in passing that it was a curse on Marvolo’s ring that did the damage.

  40. so i finally finished reading HP, and I don’t want to be spoily mcspoilerson so i will blah blah blah spoiler for a while…. okay, i think that might do it, no?

    So here’s my two cents worth…I thought the book was great- I dug all the snogging too and the way they do seem to be growing up. I agree that Harry breaking things off with Ginny really was a little too Peter Parker. I think Snape is geuninely a baddie and won’t be redeemed in the next book. I don’t want to hold out hope that he was really just acting in some plan for the greater good, because then I’ll be all the more upset if/when I find out it’s not true. If anyone is going to be redeemed, it’s Malfoy. The other Black as RAB is a good call. Dumbledore dying was so sad, way sadder than Sirius. Almost as sad as when the girl died in Bridge To Terabithia.

  41. Last time I looked at this (about 3 weeks ago) I had just posted…

    It seems this forum has died…

    Farewell all, I will probably never post here again, as my computer is being TOTALLY wiped. Nice knowin’ ya!

  42. Um, it’s not a forum. It’s just my weblog. Discussions usually don’t continue after more than a few days.

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