How to Poach an Egg

This one’s for the Snook: How to Poach an Egg, complete with picture of the results of each method. We’ve actually tried the Delia Smith method ourselves and were similarly disappointed with the results. We blamed it on not having extremely fresh eggs, though, which I’ve always understood to be the key to the whole enterprise.

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  1. I have perfected it, using white wine vinegar(rather than normal white, it’s tastier!), the vortex and a saucepan, turning the pot way down until it doesn’t bubble any more and letting it cook for a touch longer than it takes to cook the toast. I crack the egg into a measuring cup before I carefully drop it into the saucepan. My success rate is high! Freshness of the eggs isn’t that much of an issue, I haven’t found. I should really work out how long to cook it for, cus firmness is a bit hit and miss.
    Couple that with Digs Magazines Eggs Benedict recipe – I highly reccomend their Hollandaise sauce recipe, it is the key to marital bliss(especially if you wilt some baby spinach in balsamic). Mmmmmm.
    (Please don’t tell weight watchers what an enabler I am!)

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