Damn. It.

Damn. It. I am having weirdo problems all over the place with new computer. Seriously. The first twinge was last Friday when I was trying to burn a CD, and it just refused to write to a blank. (I tested it with a music CD and it played fine; it just didn’t want to burn.) Then a couple days ago I noticed that my iSight camera didn’t start up automatically. I had to unplug it and plug it back in. Tonight I plugged in the iPod for updating… and was informed that it was unreadable and I’d have to restore it to factory settings. So after three hours of headache, it turns out that that wasn’t the problem. It’s the FireWire. The damn thing works perfectly with USB. Didn’t I have this problem before? When the hell is the FireWire on the G5s going to work correctly?


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  1. Your site’s acting kind of wiggy. From the home page, this and yesterday’s post aren’t there. When you go to the homepage with “index”, nothing after the 18th shows, but when you go to July’s archive, it’s all there. I say Gremlins.

  2. Maybe it’s my computer? My bad.

  3. If it makes you feel any better, our TiFaux refuses to recognise the mere existence of our DVD burner UNLESS there is a disk in the burner when the PC is booted.

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