Stop the presses!

Stop the presses! Last night at yoga, the instructor Hillary actually told me that she thought I should stop losing weight. She said she thought I was skinny enough. HOW INSANE IS THAT? I mean, no, I’m not gonna listen to her; I’m still a good ten kilos above my healthy BMI range. But it just floored me. Never in my entire life has anyone told me that I shouldn’t get any skinnier. It was an absolute first.


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  1. Kris, I’m not making any comment on your weight, but some authorities think the BMI categories are based on weights that are lower than they need to be for health. I’m just sayin’…

  2. Does she know that you’re doing WW? Knowing that you’re following a healthy program might allay her concerns somewhat.

    Still, congrats! That must have felt *really* good, especially coming from a yoga instructor. 🙂

  3. Wow, very cool. Just seeing the numbers week after week has been pretty amazing, like one of those diet ads where the small print reads: “results not typical.” As I’ve not made any weight loss progress (this whole eat less thing is hard), I’m impressed.

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