A Prime Birthday

A Prime Birthday
A couple weeks ago I asked the Snook where he wanted to go eat for his birthday. “Let’s eat meat,” he said. “It’s time to drink the Grange.” I gasped. “Are you sure? Is it a special enough occasion?” “Whenever you open the bottle,” he said, “that’s the occasion.” And so it was. We ended up heading out to Kingsleys Steak House (the King Street location) in search of prime beef rich enough to pair with a 29-year-old $700 bottle of wine. (His brother-in-law gifted him the bottle some years ago and it’s been in storage ever since.) That first picture is me and the Snook right before we left the apartment. I have to say though, my first impression of the restaurant wasn’t that great. We were seated right in front of the staircase – prime traffic area – and it seemed kind of busy and touristy. Like, there were kids eating there. (Fair enough, but when I go out for a special dinner I don’t expect to see sprogs.) The food was pretty damn good though, and our service – though not exceptional on a Neil Perry level – was unpretentious and attentive. Normally they don’t allow you to BYO, but we’d made prior arrangements that we were “bringing something special” and the waiter seemed to know what he was doing with the decanter. While we waited for the Grange to “breathe,” we tucked in to damper roll (home-baked bread) and shared an entree platter of Oysters Kilpatrick, Chicken Liver Terrine, and Deep Fried Camembert. (That’s the second picture.) For the mains, I had the filet mignon and the Snook had the ribeye with prawn. My only real complaint about the food as that my filet was way, way redder than it should have been for a medium-rare. It was just plain old rare. I ate it anyway, as it’s not a big deal for me, but I definitely didn’t expect it that bloody. (The Snook’s medium-rare ribeye was much more to my liking.) It was excellent beef though, and the wine – much to our relief – hadn’t turned in to vinegar. I’d like to say that the subtleties of such an expensive wine weren’t wasted on me, but in reality all I can remember was that it was pretty nice and I got pretty tipsy pretty quickly. For desert I had the creme brulee and the Snook had ice cream, which the waitress was kind enough to bring with a birthday candle in it. Wasn’t that sweet? And now I’m full as a tick so I’m going to bed. I have a feeling that I’ll be using my “Get out of Weigh-In Free” card this week…

Note for the fashion conscious: What do you think about the colour of my top? I just got it the night before and I’m terrible at shopping for myself. It’s a very light teal blue and I just thought it made an interesting contrast with my hair. I was also skeptical of the boatneck, but it seemed flattering in the changing room so I went with it. Please be brutal with your assessment; I need to learn.

Me and Snookums     The entree platter     Mmm, dessert!


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  1. You look awesome! Love the hair. Love the shirt. I’m not a big fan of boatneck shirts for myself but I think with the length of your hair it looks nice. I think the color works. It brightens up your face.

  2. I hate you both – you’re meant to share that stuff around you mongrels

    I suppose I had better wish Snooky Poos Happy Birthday

    I still hate you both

  3. You look great! The shirt is nice, too. I have one boatneck shirt that I think is pretty flattering on my not-so-small-on-top self. I’m not good with that kind of thing, though, so not sure what the expert opinion is.

    The meal sounds yummy; glad you all had a great birthday celebration.

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