Running Meme

Running Meme
Oh god. I was worried this would happen. I’ve been tagged!

Q: What are you training for now?
A: Nothing in particular. To help my WW progress, I guess. Running is hard so I feel like I’m getting more benefits than other kinds of exercise.

Q: If you are raising money for a cause, what is it and why is that cause important to you?
A: I wish I could say I was, but I’m not. It’s the purely superficial “Get Kris into a size 14 bikini by summer” cause.

Q: What is the furthest distance you’ve run in your training and what is the furthest distance you will run before your event?
A: In the past two weeks? My furthest is four big laps around Victoria Park. Not much, I know, but I can already feel an improvement. Each time I feel like I can go a little further before walking. I’d like to get back up to doing 5K non-stop.

Q: What is your favorite flavor of gu? (or other sports gel)
A: Huh? That’s a little futuristic for me. My half hour shuffles around the park don’t require astronaut food… yet.

Q: How many days a week do you run?
A: My current goal is twice a week, which I’m meeting. It’s hard though, since it’s chilly in the mornings and dark by the time I get home from work. I can’t wait for Daylight Savings so I can run in the evenings.

Q: Are you injured in any way right now? If so, what are you doing about it?
A: Other than the cold (which kept me home sick today), I’m actually in pretty good shape, I think. I’m trying to prevent the tendonitis and back pain that marred my previous running attempts so I’m continuing my weekly yoga class. My route around the park includes a section on the grass, and I plan to travel further afield once my fitness levels improve.

Q: What is one item of running clothing/gear (shoes don’t count) you can’t run without?
A: Lately it seems to be a handkerchief!

Q: Do you have a talisman you are planning on taking to your event? If so, tell us!
A: The Snook is my talisman. 🙂

Q: Share one thing about yourself we don’t know.
A: I actually did run track in middle school. I sucked at it, but our competitions were so small that I still managed to score a couple ribbons. Long jump was my favorite. (Who doesn’t like playing in the sand?)

Hmm, who should do this next? Probably Eileen, though she doesn’t have a blog. (Write your answers in the comments, RT!)


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  1. Here are my answers:
    1. the Philadephia marathon
    2. purely selfish reasons
    3. just started, so i’m only doing 4mi. but the furthest training run will be 20mi.
    4. no gu for me. too many food allergies to trust it.
    5. 4-5 days a week
    6. not injured *knocks on wood*
    7. anti-blister cream to rub on my feet. it is a godsend!
    8. talisman?
    9. i’m actually thinking about starting a blog…any recommendations for user-friendly and cheap/free host servers?

  2. If you don’t care about hosting it yourself, RT, pretty much everybody starts out on Blogger and then eventually moves on from there. (Though some folks stay there forever!) It’s free so it’s a good way to test your interest and commitment level without plunking down cash just yet.

  3. Eileen, you may be interested in the Running Blog Directory ( which is chock-full ‘o links to runners’ blogs. It’s really inspiring to read about other runners’ training, trials, tribulations, successes, blisters, races etc. There are lots of people blogging about their marathon preparations.

  4. thanks for the tips, girls! I think I’m leaning towards Blogger- I would definitely like to read up about others’ running progress, but I don’t think my own blog will be quite as focused.

  5. Oh man. I wish you had any of those old Roomater drawings I did. It would be SO AWESOME to have that as the picture on your blog. 🙂

  6. yeah! I’ll dig through some old boxes and see if I can turn any of them up. hey, here’s the new blog- it’s a work in progress so don’t expect too much but please offer any suggestions.

  7. Actually I’ve always sucked at running but the funny thing is I was totally awesome at high jump when I was in primary school.

    You wouldn’t expect that from a short plump Scotsman eh?

    Maybe I was just trying to chase the deep fried Mars(tm) bar…

  8. eileen, what is this miracle anti-blister cream you speak of? i must know!

  9. It’s called Bodyglide (sounds kinky, I know) and it looks like a stick of deodorant. I bought mine at REI- I think you can find it at most camping/outdoor stores and some sports stores. I highly recommend it.

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