Jelly Belly Wine Bar

This is GENIUS: The Jelly Belly Wine Bar. A wine magazine has put together recipes using Jelly Bellies that allow you to sample classic wine varietals and styles. And ha! Some of them use Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans to add a touch of “dirt” and “grass.” Just be sure to avoid the f**kin’ merlot. (Link courtesy of the Sydney Food Diary.)


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  1. Cool concept, but just the mention of Bertie Bott’s freaks me out. I had the unfortunate luck of my first Bertie Bott’s being the sardine flavoured one. I trust no jelly bean!

  2. omg, i CANNOT believe how much the sardine one tastes like fish. it’s insane (and gross as hell)! i brought a bunch to work one day and made my coworkers try them. 5/6 said they tasted like fish. other notably “dead-on” berties are the dirt and the vomit. seriously. i LOVE those things.

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