Rent Single

The first single from the upcoming Rent movie soundtrack is now on iTunes. Of course, it’s “Seasons of Love” which isn’t necessarily one of my favorites, so… meh. (Link courtesy of Manda.)


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  1. What’s your favorite?

  2. As Eileen and a couple other PW girls can attest, I have a habit of getting drunk at parties and belting out “Would You Light My Candle?” (taking either part as necessary). I also sang that one with my high school buddy Jon Dunbar as our audition piece for the summer community theater production of “Once Upon a Mattress.” (He got the lead. I got the tiny but memorable bit part of the princess who gets booted in the first five minutes.) I also love the intro to “Take Me Out Tonight” (that guitar kicks!), “Christmas Bells” (I think it’s so clever when everybody’s singing all together; really captures the mood/feel of the equivalent scene in the original Puccini), “La Vie Boheme” (I love their little dance movies), “Goodbye Love” (repetitive but I’m a big softie), and the big “Seasons of Love” finale (I always cry when Mark turns his projector on the audience).

  3. this is interesting. i knew you loved light my candle, because i’ve seen that PW sh*t in action. many of your favorites aren’t mine, but i’ll still give respecccc. man, remember rent? what year is this? i love 97!

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