TAR Audition Video

Remember Brian and Greg, the twins on The Amazing Race who flipped their jeep but still managed to beat the odious Ray and Deana in a footrace? (Remember how that was the greatest moment of that season EVER?) It appears that Brian is an aspiring actor, and on his website you can watch their audition video. It’s the FUNNIEST THING EVER. My favorite parts were the car-slide credits, the breakdancing, and the blooper reel at the end. If there’s an All-Star Race, these guys need to be on it.


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  1. whoa thats sweet, hes the guy in the heineken commercial i love.. soo funny

  2. And he’s in one of those Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. commercials that grossed me out for weeks! I was too busy puking at the girl who puts her fist in her mouth to even notice him!

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