Whew. That was a much, much needed design update. I couldn’t stand looking at those snowflakes any longer. I think I’ve worked out all the big kinks… but let me know if you find any pages that look weird.


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  1. Just testing to see if I fixed the comments, which I’d buggered…

  2. WOO! I really like it! Nice texture and great pic of the happy couple. Well done!

  3. you’re lookin’ very svelt in photo girlie!

  4. love the new design!

  5. The site looks great, Kris!

  6. The new design is groovy! I like the colors and retro-feel.

  7. Love it!

  8. Niiiice! I like the plummy color. 🙂

  9. Looks awesome, and I love the pr0n reference. I was looking for your page when I was out of town, and all I could find was porn! I was devastated.. but I found it eventually =)

  10. howie, i love it so much! it’s perf.

  11. i LOVE it. it’s completely different from what you had up before, AND it’s purpley. You CANT go wrong with purple, you know. =)

  12. Thanks everybody! The picture is actually from about a year ago, and I’ve been meaning to use it for ages. I like the idea of having a little bit of the Snook on there, as he’s practically the silent blogging partner in this enterprise. Even though he does think the pic makes him look like he has a spook eye…

  13. Looks cool. Yum!

  14. I don’t think the Snook looks like he has a spook eye, rather it looks to me like he is about to bite into your neck, not as in a vampire but in a sexy way…ya know?

  15. Wah!!!! I love it. Why does it make me think, PW?? hehe

  16. I actually wasn’t thinking PW so much as I’ve just been obsessed with purples, pinks and reds lately (as evidenced by my hair, which varies between all three). It also makes me think of wine, which is good.

  17. Kris, it really is great, a beautiful upgrade.

    Fixed width…? Controversial!

  18. Thanks, Hank! (Now you know why I was asking you about duotoning in Photoshop…)

    I think my main inspiration was this Ask Metafilter thread about good weblog design. I liked the idea of having a strong visual element – hence the photo. I also took away a sense that I wanted to make things less cluttered and more compact. Lastly, I took a look at some of my daily reads that stick out in my mind as really well designed – like Dooce and Scrubbles – and noticed that the majority were fixed-width. So that settled it! I’m liking it so far. It feels more “designed,” like it’s more of an application or console than a sprawling portal-like mass of text.

    Of course, I figure you took a look at the source and screamed in horror. (I think Rodd did.) Tables and spacer gifs as far as the eye can see. I can’t help it; I’m old school. I did finally move myself over to a proper template-like system, though, so it should be pretty easy if I ever decide to move to CSS-only.

  19. I did look, and I’ll be right here waiting for the super-CSS version. But anyway, we’re talking design here, not mechanics..

    Small steps… 😉

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