I’m gonna be a supermodel…

PhotoshootI’m gonna be a supermodel…
This past weekend Amy and I finally got off our asses and decided to prepare our entry for the Knitty 2006 Calendar Contest. The idea is that you send in a photograph of yourself wearing an item from Knitty. We figured that the two of us in our matching Cheesylove vests in an iconic Sydney location like the Opera House would be a shoo-in to win. Right? Right. So having secured a phenomenal photographer – that would be Rob – we headed down to the Quay near sunset to best capture our amazing hotness. (My complaint that I don’t get off the couch for less than $10K a day fell on deaf ears.) Here are the results. Which ones do you like? We get to submit three for the contest. Amy and I are agreed on #2 and #9, but she also likes #14 and #16 while I kinda like #17. (Mostly I like the fact that, though I am clearly still a Gigantor next to Amy – I do not, however, look overly chubby. Yay!) So which one do you think is our covershot?


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  1. oh shut up, you are so not Gigantor! we look HOT!!!

  2. oh shut up, you are so not Gigantor! we look HOT!!!

  3. What great shots..well done, Rob! My favs are 7, 9 & 14.Good luck with your entry!

  4. damn, friggin’ double post….

  5. 9, 13 (I like the plane!) and 17. They all look great though!

  6. 9 and 17 are awesome! I also like 2, but I think it’d look better without the people standing right behind you (damn them!).

  7. They are all great, but for the last photo, I’d vote for 16. It is a bit of an action photo and there is room for cropping if necessary without ruining the shot.

  8. oops.. my previous comment was in reference to 17. Give my vote to 17.

  9. they look great! i vote for 3, 8, and 16. i think i like 3 the best, but maybe 8 or 9 (one of the knitting action photos) would have a better chance of winning.

  10. 7 & 17 are my favorites.
    They are all great pictures!

  11. definately 9

  12. The pics are awesome! I like the one with the beverage in the foreground the best personally. And before I even read through the post I checked out the pics and you look great, not chubby at all!

  13. 7 and 14 all the way. 🙂

  14. yeah – 7 is my favorite. the shots that show your faces are nice and everything (and for this i like 17 best – you look great, sis! – and probably 2 and 9 as well) but def. 7 all the way. shows the patterns on the sweaters, nice color, nice light…also great use of shallow depth of field, i must say. hee. 🙂

  15. Very interesting! You guys are making me see #7 in a whole new way. I was kinda just automatically dismissing it, like, that’s just our backs, you know? But the contest rules say that the point isn’t to necessarily take a “pretty” picture, or even to show off the garment well… It’s to have something interesting that you wouldn’t mind looking at for a month. And maybe #7 falls in that category.

  16. I thought 7 was too blatantly showing off the garment. What I dig about the photo is all the diagonal lines in the image. I’ll be deleting the ones that no one has voted for later this evening so if there’s something you like and you haven’t spoken up, now is the time 🙂

  17. You look fantastic! And all of those pictures are very nice. I like the following: #2, #3, #7, #9. I think #7 is my favorite.

  18. Definitely like the last one of you two walking. Damn, do you look skinny!!!

  19. I agree with Lynnette about the one with the two of you walking down the street. You both look great and that shot looks very natural and aloof.

  20. 17 for me too

  21. Hi,

    I like n’s 7, 9 and 17! Good luck.

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