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Okay, once you’ve looked at my Gleewarts photos, now you can look at other people’s. I clicked through hundreds of photos to find the few that featured our group: Amy and Rob sleeping. Me with Hedwig. Me and the Snook. Fire dancing hippies. (Look for us between the red and yellow flags.) Sirius the Insane. Sirius drinking Ribena. (I nearly snorted Diet Coke out my nose when I clicked on that last one.) Madam Pince and Sirius. And lastly, I don’t even know this kid and I never saw him on the trip, but this is the BEST PICTURE EVER. Just the thought that all the fuss and work that went into the trip could make this kid happy MAKES IT ALL WORTH IT.

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  1. I thought it was strange that there were hardly any kids at the store we lined up at. That kid does look cutely happy, i think Sarah and I might have had similar expressions on our faces when we slumped onto the couches at the store and started flipping through the book!

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