License to Drive

License to Drive

Me: Hey, guess what? I just looked on the RTA Website for information about booking my driver’s test, and apparently the law changed this year. Now license holders from the US don’t have to take any test at all! I just have to turn mine in and they hand me my Australian one!
The Snook: That’s great! …And worrying.

The only problem is that Australia has a graduated licensing system and needs to know how long I’ve been driving. As I renewed my license in 2003, I’ve got to get the Indiana BMV to send me a letter saying when I originally got it. But at any rate, it looks like I’m all clear to drive to Steve’s wedding next month!


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  1. damn, I had to take both a written AND driving test.
    Do they at least explain the differences?

  2. Nope: “As from 17 January 2005 customers are exempt the car driver knowledge test if they hold an acceptable car licence from one of the recognised countries. It is recommended that these applicants read the Road Users’ Handbook to familiarise themselves with the current road rules in NSW.”

    They just suggest I read the book!

  3. oooohhh, we are SO going to give you heaps about your driving on saturday….giggle-giggle

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