Race Car Ya-Ya’s

Race Car Ya-Ya’s
Amy has posted a couple pictures from Rob‘s birthday outing yesterday, including him screaming around the track at Eastern Creek Karts and a truly demented one of me slurping down ranch dressing. The go-karts were pretty fun, though I was a little scared at first. We had to wear full-on coveralls and helmets and gloves and watch a safety video. There were sixteen of us in our heat, but most of the other guys were on the 13hp carts. (We were newbies so we had to stay on the 9hps.) It was actually surprisingly physical and scary to drive the cars. I managed to lap Amy – we discovered later that there were special cars for people with big asses, and she’d accidentally gotten one of those and was sliding all over the place; she could barely reach the pedals! – but I didn’t really see the guys the whole time. I found out later that I came in second out of our group behind Rob. How cool is that? Amy and I decided to take a pass on our second heat so just the boys did that one. I’m glad we did; there were some really aggro guys and they were all spinning and sliding all over the place. At any rate, I’ve now got a voucher for a free ride so I guess we’ll be going back this summer!


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  1. are you guys a bit sore today too?

  2. Good god, YES! We’re both really sore in totally weird places. I’m so glad we didn’t do the second heat…

  3. us too…pass me a beer….and a nurofen plus….

  4. I’m so jealous…There’s a ‘real’ kart track just a couple miles from our house with the fast carts, full racing suit, helmet, etc – not one of the lame 3 HP carts at a Fun Center. It’s been there a few years, and I still haven’t made it there. I’m secrectly holding out to take my kids…Collin is almost six, and definitely old enough to ride one of their ‘small’ carts. Evelyn is three, so she has a couple more years to wait. And AnneĆ© is only a year, so it’ll be a while for her. Collin has already expressed interest, and I’m sure Evie will be up for it, too, since she’s already told us she wants a motorcycle.

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