Kung Fu Hustle

Oh, and just WHY do I have the sudden urge to box? Because we saw Kung Fu Hustle Friday night and it kicked ten kinds of ass. Seriously, if it’s playing anywhere near you – and you have no aversion to ass-kicking – GO SEE IT. Ebert described it as “Jackie Chan and Buster Keaton meet Quentin Tarantino and Bugs Bunny;” the Snook and I described it to friends as “Jackie Chan plus Monkey plus Kill Bill.” There’s a ton of violence, but most of the really gruesome stuff happens off-screen. At one point – the bit with the snakes – I slapped my hands to my face to cover my silent screams of laughter and shock only to look over and realize that the Snook was doing the exact same thing. I also found myself wiggling in my seat and punching the air, which I only do in really good fight scenes. (For example: the Obi-Wan/Darth Maul light sabre battle in Phantom Menace did it for me; none of the fight scenes in Gladiator did.) I also lost it during the Shining homage, and the direct quotation of Spider-Man (albeit in Chinese). Seriously, you should go see it. Especially my sister, as unbeknownst to her she possesses the secret of the Lion’s Roar.

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  1. oh COOL I’m glad you guys liked it.. i saw it quite some time back at a cinema in Chinatown, so I was glad to see it finally get a mainstream release in Australia.

    Damn funny stuff!

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