Movie Grammar

As The 40-Year-Old Virgin hasn’t even come out here yet, all I know about it is what I’ve read through online movie reviews… which means I didn’t realize at all that the studio created a grammar controversy by incorrectly hyphenating the title on most of its marketing material. (According to Ebert’s site, this sort of thing happens pretty frequently.) That would totally irk me if I had to see those posters everywhere.


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  1. From the sounds of it, bad movie andbad grammar… although the star isn’t bad in the US version of “The Office.” (A pale shadow of the UK original, true, but it does pick up quite a bit after the ‘meh’ pilot.)

  2. the grammar thing blows – things like that make me nuts. i’ve only heard good things about this movie, though, and i run with a pretty discerning crowd of improvisers who’ve seen it. plus, ebert gave it 3.5/thumbs up – that’s great.

  3. TD – this is totally unrelated, but can you change your weblog settings so you don’t have to have a Blogger account to comment? I’ve totally gone to leave a comment like three times only to get the smackdown. There has to be an “Other” option in there somewhere… 🙂

  4. pretty amusing… hyphens are in place on the UK posters, by the way!

  5. howyoudoin’: yes, you can change the settings, but then you get spammed. i’ll change them for now, anyway, if it means you… come back!

  6. It still won’t let me! I want to tell the world about my choice of Smith! Stupid spammers ruin everything…

  7. it’s changed. i forgotzzz! come b.

  8. p.s. – it’s smith – with an e. that’s not me being a jag, that’s actually their slogan. no bit.

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