Apple Complaints

A few random Apple complaints, since I haven’t whinged about them for a week or two:

  • I often drag links in Safari to the tab bar to open them in a new tab. That’s all well and good. It works really nicely when you’re viewing an RSS feed. When you’re on a regular web page though, and you’ve scrolled down at all, when you go to drag the link upwards the whole page scrolls up really fast. You lose your spot. When you do it in an RSS feed, the page stays put. I want it to always stay put.
  • The Safari Features Page claims that I can “search across all of your bookmarks, RSS bookmarks and history.” How? I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do this. I printed out a recipe last night for sweet potato stew. How do I find that page again? Spotlight doesn’t find it. CMD-F doesn’t find it. The Google searchbar doesn’t find it. Am I missing something here?
  • I haven’t seen this listed anywhere else, but the Snook found this Register article that says that Apple is extending the original warranties on iMac G5s to two-years because of all the problems people like me have been having. And lucky me, my new machine – the one they brought me to replace the old dead one – is still one of the ones covered. Great. What I can’t figure out though, is what this means for my AppleCare warranty. I paid for two years beyond the one they give me, so does that mean mine lasts for four years now? Do I get a rebate or something? Or am I going to get screwed once again?

Rant over.


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  1. Update: I found confirmation on Apple’s site. It has no affect on my AppleCare at all, apparently because this only applies to video and power issues. Poodoo.

  2. To search across your bookmarks, click on the book icon in the bookmark bar and use the searchfield in the bottom (It’s a little bit irritating because of the Google-field, which looks all the same and confuses the hell out of me).

  3. Dominik, you rule! I have no idea how I never saw that search field down there. Works like a charm.

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