Not again.

Not again. Old people + knitting shop with curved staircase = grannies flyin’ all over the place. It’s like that Eddie Murphy sketch where he imitates his Aunt Bunny falling down the stairs. BOOM BOOM CRASH – “Oh Lord, help me!” – CRASH THUMP BOOM… (I’m not being that callous. Nobody’s been seriously hurt. They’re just too entranced with the wool to watch where they’re going.)

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  1. Hell, I’ve nearly gone A over T on those stairs, they are pretty tretcherous.
    Maybe you can knit a crash matt for the bottom of the stairs.

  2. What I don’t get is that I run up and down those stairs all day long, and I never trip! And yet I fall down on flat ground all the damn time…

  3. I tripped and hurt my ankle on my way down after my interview. Fortunately, the shop was busy and it was just the last few, so no-one noticed.

  4. lol!! maybe I’m a bitch but knitting grannies falling down stairs is makin me laff. Ho ho ho… *sigh* old people!

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