Selective Blindness

Selective blindness.
I’ve just realized that there’s been a bottle of maple syrup sitting on my living room coffee table for, like, three weeks. See, right there on CouchCam! This is what comes of liking pancakes too much.


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  1. Mmmmm… I made pancakes for the first time in weeks on Sunday, and topped them with some Butter Pecan syrup I found at the Wal-Mart Supercenter. I thought I’d have to go to IHOP whenever a craving struck me for that sweet nectar of the gods, but it’s been right there on the Supercenter shelves this whole time!

  2. Wow, yum. We’ve just got fake maple in this house. We started using the Atkins stuff back when we were low-carb, and then unfortunately we kinda got a taste for it. We tried to switch back to the real but it just doesn’t seem as “mapley”, ya know? Then we found an even better fake maple at GNC, which combines the intense mapliness of the Atkins syrup with a realistic goopy syrup texture. And it’s got, like, zero nutritional value! I love this stuff.

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