My NSW Driver's License

Check out what I finally got today! No thanks to the incompetent jackasses at the Indiana BMV, who officially win the award for most backward-ass government office in the history of the world… But, bygones. More importantly, what’s up with my hair there? In my defense, it was 9:30 in the morning on my day off and I’m sick as a dog.

In case any of you non-Aussies are wondering, the big flower in the middle is a waratah.


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  1. I love that your hair matches the waratah.

  2. It’s a much better picture then mine. I look like a scared rabbit.

  3. Holy shite! I’m diggin the red hair! And the Government bashing! I hear down under is the place to be (The Economist, July 05. pg47). Drive safe, watch out for dingos!

  4. Whoa, Tag, Bruder! Long time no see. 🙂

  5. COOL! Worth all the effort. Feel better

  6. congratulations! that is one crazy plant on your licence.

  7. congrats!! i’m still trying to get Regan to sit for his L’s …

  8. that license rules! i want a bird of paradise or some sh*t on the illinois license… man. dream big.

  9. Make sure you keep gas in your car sweetie….remember what happened in high school………
    Love ya

  10. Ha! I love your hair!

    I’m with you on the IN BMV thing. When I tried to turn in my MD license and get an IN one, I had all sorts of frustrations. The incompetence! It burns us, precious!

  11. This is the first time I have been here in awhile. I only have one thing to say, What the hell happened to your hair? Just kidding, glad you got the license.

  12. Where have you guys been? It’s been red for ages! Aren’t you looking at DeskCam? Or do you just have it set on CouchCam all the time? 🙂

    Anyway, Marci, remind me next time we’re out to dinner to tell you the full horror of my Indiana BMV story and the, uh, creative ways we came up with to deal with it.

  13. Heh! Looks like it defaults to CouchCam for me, so all I ever see is lights out in your livingroom. I’ll click over to DeskCam more often! 😉

    Oh, boy… I look forward to hearing that story! I used to think the Maryland BMV was the worst on the face of the planet, but now I’m beginning to think otherwise.

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