Celebrity Jeopardy

This is the post wherein I MAKE KELLY MCMAHON’S YEAR: a complete video archive of SNL’s Celebrity Jeopardy. Too bad I can’t get Windows Media Player to work on my computer… (Link courtesy of geek fu.)


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  1. I think it’s a conspiracy. I’m having trouble with WMP, too. >:(

  2. I actually got it to work, once I installed the right thing. The bitch of it is that once I did, every time I clicked a movie it would open directly and not let me save it to my hard drive. Stupid DRM. So I had the Snook archive them all and he’s been watching them with me. I thought he was going to shoot beer out his nose when Sean Connery asked for “Anal Bum Cover”.

  3. thanks, howie! my fave is “the rapists”.

  4. I’ve been saying Conneryisms in my head for two days now. “I’m cock of the walk!” “The day is mine!” “You’ll rue the day, Trebek!”

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