Ebert on the rampage

Ooh, Ebert is PISSED! The bastards at “Federated Department Stores” have officially decided to change the name of Marshall Field’s to Macy’s. Ebert is basically calling Chicagoans to arms. He’s cut up his Field’s charge card and he’s demanding that the City Council pass legislation designating the brass nameplate on the State Street store as a landmark. “In every corner of America that has lost a little of its soul to heartless corporate bean counters, the decision will have an echo.”


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  1. you have no idea what this is like here. holy balls, it’s out of control. myself and many of my friends are “newsies” for fields – one of those pay-the-bills jobs that actors do that is actually pretty fun (it’s all people from csz). people were coming up to them all week this week (it’s “fashion week” here) and yelling at them. as if they control it! come on y’all! we’re in newsboys caps handing out frangos, for c-s sake.

  2. Ha! Because obviously you guys have anything to do with it. People are idiots. 🙂

  3. DON’T even get me started on this one. I used to work for Fields, and as much as it sucked, it was still pretty amazing to be a part of a Chicago institution. It is just TOO sad. I need to get my bro to pick me up some Frangos.

  4. (What the hell is a Frango?)

  5. come on! frangos? (they’re gourmet chocolates, some with mint, some with caramel, some with toffee.) keeping america happy since 1941.

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