Wanted: An AD Ringtone

Wanted: the Arrested Development theme as a midi ringtone for my phone. (You know, just like Lindsay had in the season three opener.) I can find places selling it in the U.S. but none that will work in Australia. I’ve found previews of it but they’re in mp3 format. Anybody have any ideas?


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  1. There’s a great little web utility at http://mobile17.smashsworld.com/ that sends any mp3 or midi as a text file attachment to your phone. Worked great with mine.

  2. It’s not the transferring part that’s hard; it’s finding the theme as a midi that’s the problem. All I turn up are songs from the 90’s band of the same name. (And having “Mr. Wendell” as my ringtone just isn’t the same…)

  3. Try this one:
    (Having never watched the show, I don’t know if this is what you’re after!)

  4. I had a nokia utility that would take MP3s and turn them into ringtones – dunno if it works with your phone, but we can try… I just need to find the download.

  5. I’d come across the one on the OP site before, but it’s really terrible. AWFUL. Sounds like Ross Geller on the keyboard. That other one you linked to is good though… I’ll see if the Snook is able to capture it! 🙂

  6. I got it! After much to-ing and fro-ing with the Snook, I finally figured out that I could just do a “Save As” on the link Nat provided and then rename it to a .mid file. Then I used Bluetooth to send it to the phone, and VOILA! I have my ringtone!

    Anybody else want it? I can send it as a picture message to you Sydney types.


  7. Anytime, Kris. I appreciate the chance to procrastinate while writing my thesis!

    p.s. I found that mobilestreams link with a small amount of searching, but it ended in “type=mp3”. I figured it would never work to simply change it to “type=midi” but somehow it did! Enjoy!

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