Podcasting Domer

I was listening to MuggleCast on the bus today and just sorta zoning out when one of the commenters mentioned that Emerson, the guy who runs MuggleNet, goes to Notre Dame! They were speculating whether he’d be having dinner in North or South Dining Hall as they were recording the show. It was so weird to be sitting on a bus to Bondi on a beautiful sunny Sydney day and suddenly be thrown into flashbacks of NDH: Circus Lunch, Grab ‘n’ Go, the Mexican room, Candlelight Buffets, that patch of invisible ice near Farley where I skidded nearly every single day of winter…


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  1. Circus Lunch popped into my head the other day for no discernable reason. Ah Yo-Cream, the 1 piece of fruit rule, and weekend waffles with the leprechaun on them…

    I thought the Freshman First Year Student 15 was a myth until it caught up with me Sophomore year.

  2. Oops—tried to put a line through Freshman. 🙂

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