Other khowards…

Dear Other K. Howards in the world…
Please learn to type your damn e-mail address. I’m stick of my Yahoo Mail account filling up with spam from Classmates.com for Katherine and Ancestry.com for Keith.

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  1. I used to work for Westpac bank in IT, and there was a guy in Adelaide who had exactly the same name as me. I used to get emails from his girlfriend (who also worked for Westpac) all the time. Annoying… yet sometimes amusing!

  2. Speaking to this guy @ Qantas the other day, he has a simmilar issue, luckilly or unluckilly he has the same name as a pilot, and when flying with the company the female staff try picking him up. As soon as they realise that he isn’t a pilot, he’s be dropped like a hot potato.

  3. Well, hitting on me would at least be interesting… but all I’m gettin’ is spam, which is boring. And the REALLY annoying thing is, I’m already registered on Classmates so every time they send out a spam I get it TWICE, once addressed to “Kristine” and once to “Katherine.” You’d think they could rationalize their database every now and then…

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